Lynn Hohenheim


Lynn Hohenheim

mentalist, Level 6, Size 14, Appearance 9
Life Points 125, Regeneration 1, Movement Value 8, Fatigue 7

Str: 6 Dex: 9 Agi: 8 Con: 7 Pow: 7 Int: 10 Wp: 13 Per: 6
base presence:55 PhR: 60 MR: 60 PsR: 80 VR: 60 DR: 60

Initiative: 90
Attack Ability: 10
Defence Ability: 10 dodge

MK: 150 use of ki, inhuman, use of necessary energy, elimination of necessities, Ki Transmission, Ki healing, superior Ki healing

Attribute	Accumulation	KI
STR 1 6
AGI 1 8
DEX 1 9
CON 1 7
WP 3 16
POW 1 7

Advantages/Disadvantages: charm(1cp), animal affinity(1cp), Free access to any psychic discipline(2cp), amplify sustained power(2cp), blind(2cp), deafness(1cp)
Background Advantages/Disadvantages: saint(2cp), powerful enemy(1cp), Dirty Little Secret(1cp)

Psychic Points: base pp 39, free pp 5
psychic potential: 130
psychic projection: 175
5 innate Psychic slots
psychic disciplines: Telepathy, sentience, energy, psychokinesis
Psychic powers: connect senses, energy shield, mental restraint, mental research, psychic assault, area, mind control, Psychokinetic Armour, organic Psychokinesis, major Psychokinesis

Primary Abilities:
Secondary Abilities: animals 120, persuasion 135

Possessions: horse(valkyrie), saddle, sheep dog (molly)(deceased), bull mastif (brutus)(deceased), backpack, gq tunic, gq pants, tent,blanket, pen ink

Sex: female Race: asher Age: 25 Height: 5’6" Weight: 110 Hair: blond Eyes: golden Skin: fair white Languages: Latin, Jashu, Yamato, Ailish


Lynn Hohenheim is a mentalist from Galgados near Siebenvolken.
The Hohenheim family is a large family of mentalists that is blessed with a curse that anyone born to the blood line is almost always born with a sibling. One of the children born is always born blind and the other is always born deaf. This happens even if only one of the parents is of the Hohenheim bloodline. Being the only child born to angelica and peter Hohenheim, Lynn didn’t have a sibling to get half the curse so she ended up both deaf and blind. Being from a family of mentalists she was able to cope quite well having her senses linked with another member of the family instead of the sibling she never had. The family makes a living training and selling all types of animals. Usually when there are the two siblings they are trained in pairs, the blind one trained to barter and persuade while the deaf one is trained to handle and train the animals, since Lynn when born without a twin she was trained in both handling animals and persuasion.
The eyes of the Hohenheim clan in the blind are characterized by having a golden iris with no pupil.
Lynn is one of the few members of the family to be sainted in the eyes of the church, she was sainted for saving the close village of Siebenvolken from a powerful summoner who sent his powerful fire elemental to burn the area to the ground to allow for the fertile ground to be sold for a nice profit. While on the way to the market just at the entrance to the town she was the first one to be attacked by the fire elemental in front of the entire town. Being shrouded in the fire blast from the fire elemental she blocked herself from the fire with a shimmering shield of energy and then commanding the elemental to leave it stopped attacking turned around and returned to its master. Saving the town and royally pissing off the powerful summoner Kamist Rall.
Knowing the church she neglected to tell them about the fact she came from a family that are all mentalists except for the ones who married into the very extended family, and if the church found out she knows that they would pull her saint status and hunt her and her family down.

Lynn Hohenheim

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