Influence From The Shadows

Universities of Adventurers

Loss of Friends, Finding Knowledge, and Dangerous Chances

• They enjoy supper with Nathaniel, Fenix asks him many questions, including if he knows any old martial arts masters from bygone eras. Nathaniel says that it isn’t really his specialty.
• Andrei notices that he has been receiving a lot of attention from groups of soldiers that watching him for the last 10-15 minutes. He stares back. They come over and ask what he is doing. Andrei “Guarding the carriage for my master.” Inquisitor Soldier “And who is your master and where is he?” A “Master Fenix, he is in the tower over there.” The guards go over, knock, Helmut answers the door. They ask for a mister Fenix. F “Yes, that would be me.” Soldier “Is that your ugly servant following you and in that carriage?” F “That’s not very nice.” Sodier “You didn’t answer my question.” F “Yes he is my servant.” Soldier “And why is he…” F “So ugly, why are you so cruel?” Soldier “I want to know why,” says whether he’s been drinking. The evening ends and they go back.
• They go back to the inn (Andrei and Jormangander driving), notice a crowd infront of the inn, serving girl tells them what is going on, BB heavily injured kicked out by High Inquisitor and his honour guard. He comments on the witchcraft, the party draws weapons, and Shadow throws his chakram into the chest of the honour guard holding the barrel of kerosene. High Inq “Seize whoever is responsible for that!”
• J ponders for a moment about his Code. L “What should I do.” F “I’m getting out.” L “If I get out too will you lead me?” F “Yes.” Lynn drops her psychic powers and has Fenix and Molly lead her away. S kicks open a door, gets out with bow drawn, runs back the way they came and shouts back “Drive you idiots!” Fenix exits the vehicle with Lynn, and stands beside the carriage. Andrei sits in the drivers seat beside Jormangander. Meidas moves to stand over BB. The soldiers (Ecclesiastical Guards) push their way through the crowd, Jormangander points towards Shadow, shouts “He went that way!” and throws a hammer to shatter a cobblestone near Shadow, the soldiers nod. The honour guard go, break open the kerosene cask over BB, and Meidas ignites him with a snap of his gloves. BB screams as his flesh and fat begins to be consumed by the flames. Shadow fires an arrow into the mass of soldiers, injures one and then proceeds to flee as quickly as possible. The soldiers all 18 of them continue to chase Shadow. Andrei sheaths his sword and tells F “Master F, please return to the carriage.” Fenix and L return to the carriage. Jormangander gets his hammer back and returns to the carriage. One of the honour guard (Psy Hunter) goes over to the carriage while Meidas and the others continue to watch BB burn. While fleeing through the streets Shadow dives between buildings in order to duck into a pool of darkness in order to try to Hide (Impossible Hide), the group runs past him until the last one trips over his leg, looks and doesn’t see him and continues to run past. BB is still burning. The honour guard moves to talk to J and Andrei to speak to them “Do you know anything about this man.” J “We saw him come out of the shadows and threw his weapon. That was it.” Guard “Why are you here then.” J “I’m just a bodyguard for the woman inside.” Goes over to the door and knocks, F pulls back the drapes. Guard “I’m here to speak to the master of the group.” F “That would be me.” Guard “I was told the master was a woman.” F “I don’t need body guards so much as my lady does.” Guard “Understandable, do you know anything else about this man who attacked my collegue?” F “I was inside this carriage, it slightly limited my vision as it were.” G “Why are you here?” F “Here for research.” G “Have a good night.” As he walks away F leans out the window “You as well.” The guard gives back a deadpan look and walks away. The carriage then leaves.
• Shadow follows the carriage for a ways, then sneaks back over and whispers to them, J isn’t surprised. F demands to know why Shadow attacked, S wanted to give BB a chance for a final attack, more arguing. Shadow changes to a different cloak and takes off his hat.
• They find the Poxy Donkey Inn fairly nearby, and that it is completely empty. F pays for the rooms to maintain the scherade. J takes his own room, S and Andrei, L and F. L gives F a few gold coins to help him maintain the façade. L shakes her head at how Shadow seems to behave with T previous chaos, even though she loved him. They go to sleep.
• They wake up the next day, J has breakfast of rations, they discuss what they need to do being finding The Azure Knight, and F wishes to go to The Crimson Sundroplet. F comments how they don’t really know where to find The Azure Knight, since J didn’t mention before since it didn’t really matter. J says that he does enjoy bobbles sometimes as well.
• They go to the tower where they last saw The Azure Knight. J and Andrei drive, J with his hammer out. J asks Shadow to look for any trace of The Azure Knight. Shadow looks around, and finds that a large stone at the back of the tower has had the mortar scraped out from it. Shadow attempts to see if its trapped, but it doesn’t look like it has. J notices scratch marks on the cobbles. Because it is broad daylight with people they suggest they come back later to try and see where it goes.
• They go to the market district, where Andrei buys himself a new shovel, and Shadow a smaller and less descript hat. L asks F to take her clothes shopping, and he agrees. J stays in the cart and glares at any upitty Hausser people, and Tol Rauko and Inquisitor soldiers. L drops 26 GC on clothes (all luxury), F pretends to be bothered about her spending that much of their money on clothes, Andrei follows them to maintain bodyguard illusion. F asks about where he could find The Crimson Sundroplet, and is told that if he wants those kinds of things it is found at the far end of this street on in the Market. F also buys a pair of armour arm guards. They go down the street to reach The Crimson Sundroplet. A cramped little one storey building, with an open sign in latin inside the glass window. Andrei guards the cart and Shadow stays in it as Fenix, L, and J enter it. F approaches the desk, where a well dressed older gentleman standing behind the counter. F approaches “Good day.” Owner “Good day, and how may I help you today.” F “I’m looking for a Mr. Green.” Owner “I’m afraid there is no Mr. Green here.” F “Ah yes, my mistake. I’m actually looking for a Miss Aquamarine Sharoo.” He then takes two steps to the left and avoids the small needles that deploy and receed twice. Owner “How may I really help you.” F “A mister Nathaniel Gotrelas said that you might be able to help me with this, it has fallen into a bit of disrepair.” Owner looks at it “And what are you hoping to do with that? You and your friends aren’t members of the new groups that have come to our city?” All three “No.” They activate their passive abilities so that he can note them through his crystal jewlers lens. F “Can you repair it?” Owner “I’m afraid that is not really what we are capable of. I’m not sure anyone could truly repair it. We could trade.” F “Not really interested in trading, but I have some coin to spend.” Owner “How much coin?” F “500 GC.” Owner “May be a little out of your price range.” F “How much?” Owner “A little more then that.” J offers to trade the ring that he got from Saluin for something to increase his reaction time. The Owner descends and comes back with a colden ring with a sunburst topaz in it. Offers it for a straight trade. He accepts it. Fenix had place the chalice on the counter, and asks for something to get him more in touch with his spiritual self. He brings up a thick leather belt studded with blue and green gems. Fenix puts it on, charges Ki and finds that he charges Ki slightly faster. He accepts and also pays an additional 50 GC. They then leave once the curtains are drawn open and the open sign put back up. The Owner thanks them and Mr. Gotrelas for their patronage.
• Head back to the inn and wait for night fall, Lynn changes into a new set of clothes. Get some food, relax, J boos the bad bard that plays on stage “I’d rather listen to nothing then you.” F “You miss Taiko, don’t you.” J “Couldn’t understand half of what he said, but the music was pretty.”
• They head back to the tower, the moon is nearly new and a great deal of cloud covers the sky. They open the brick, and see a dark room cluttered with strange items, and a sleeping guard. F gestures towards the man, J gestures smacking him, J then climbs in and wakes up the guard with a poke of his hammer. Tells him about the Azure Knight breaking in, asks who owns it and if anything was stolen. Says the tower is owned by Alexander Hist, J demands that they wake him up, they go up the stairs as F, L, and S climb in with Andrei staying outside to help put the stone back in. They go wake up Alexander Hist, a large man, mid 40’s, solid jawline and a peach coloured silken robe. He says that his tower isn’t open to the general public, guard says they broke in, J says that the Azure Knight broke in and may have tried to take things. Alexander glares at the guard, they go downstairs and look around for anything out of place. Says that one book about Varja Creation Myths were moved. J asks to borrow it, Alexander “Will I get it back?” J “You have my word.” Alex “And you are?” J “Jormangander.” He gives them the books. J leaves and says “You should probably get that hole fixed.” On the other side, everyone but Shadow hears Hist chew out his guard and make him work for free.
• They return to the inn and Fenix stays up to stare at the pages so that Lynn can read it. Takes her 8 hours (from 10pm to 6 am) in order to go through it. Wake up the others in the morning at 9 to mention that it makes special attention to the Kami, Tsukyomi, Yagarema, and Orochi. They then go to meet with Nathaniel to let him know. Helmut answers the door, F “Is Nathaniel in.” Helmut “He was just about to leave.” J “Perfect.” Nathaniel appears, “Why hello there, how ever may I help you.” J “We found some more information that we wanted to talk to you about.” Nathaniel “What did you find?” L “Some information. Where were you going?” Nathaniel “I have a class that I will be teaching at the University of History and Politics.” L “Well, we could give you a ride in our coach.” Nathaniel and Helmut have an argument about why he doesn’t have a carriage to take him around, and how nice this free offer was. They drive, going straight there until despite Nathaniel’s complicated and long-way directions. They discuss the book that they got from Hist (Nathaniel laughs and mocks Hist) they let him read and take notes as he gets through a third as he goes through the one hour trip. They ask about Varjan experts, and he offers to get them guest access to the university so that they may attend a lecture provided by one of the universities experts. He suggests that he may even be able to get J in with his weapons. J appreciates it. They get to the university, wait for an hour until Nathaniel returns with one 20 year old male student carrying a bunch of uniforms, hands them out, Lynn’s is too big in the chest so the student has to get pins to pin it, J wears the crest wrapped around the sleeve, Fenix and Shadow actually wear the entire uniform, Shadow with a small barret, and Andrei wraps the crest around his sword. Andrei tries to stay with the wagon, but Nathaniel says that he needs to work on his smarts to make up for his ugliness with the women. The student leads them to the class, warning not to be late due the professor being unforgiving, knowing who was last in line, and brings them up for volunteers. The last time was for the first revolt of Varja, and involved lots of red paint. Shadow pickpockets a 13 year old girl for paper and quill. They get there 10 minutes early, only the back two rows are open, so J walks down to the front row, points to 6 people in the front and says “You six, get out of our chairs.” They take their seats. Two enter last, but the professor isn’t there, until Nathaniel enters and says that today he has a special lecture about the Varjan Creation Myths, and gets the last two as volunteers. Makes one earth, the other water, and then has J throw his hammer to shatter one of the lamps up above the stage, showering burning oil down. Nath “Well, you’re earth and water, put the flames out.” The two try and get their shoes on fire. Nathaniel grumbles, grabs some powder, throws it in a column of flame to announce the arrival of the Kami. He then walks over the fires to extinguish them, igniting one corner of his robes, which Fenix and Shadow run up “S sneakily” in order to put the flames out as Nath continues to lecture using the notes he took from the other book. The lecture has mention on Orochi, the Dark Aeon and what it could do to the world in order to cause destruction and doom. Then mentions how they are myths rather then reality, and says that they will continue with their lectures focusing on the second revolt. He then leaves, the class empties, and he comments that he hopes they enjoyed the lecture, and that he couldn’t tell them that he was the teacher, since then his student would be less interested for leading them around. Nathaniel has another class to teach, so the others look around the library since they have access to the library. They look around for more information. Afterwards they ride back, get to the tower and describe that they think they should create a rumour about a new expert on Varjan Creation myths entering the city for a one night performance, Nath suggests L, she says she wants to use a fake name (Kagura), in order to learn what they will be. Nath gives L a map of the University, pointing out the lecture hall she will most likely be using, the dressing room, emergency lecture room (in case of locusts), the clocktower (amazing view), and numerous other locations including an emergency exit route. Nath books a room at the University for the next evening for them, and then goes out to spread word of mouth. The group enjoys a first supper from Helmut, and Nath returns four hours later, although he locked himself out. There is also a tale of the interference of a donkey and some pickled river trout saving him from some inquisitor guards. F “Don’t ask, don’t ask.” J “I want to know.” Nathaniel tells them his ridiculous tale. Fenix uses Erudition in order to gauge how strong he is, Nath around the same level as he is, with Helmut stronger. S, J, and Andrei then decided to head back to the inn for the night, in order to prepare. L and F study for the night.
• As they exit S sees Hisonant standing across from the tower in the darkness, both arms attached and working. His eyes burn into him, S tells J, who doesn’t see anything as Hisontant has vanished. They return to the inn, Andrei and J go to bed, Shadow waits. He later hears the window to J room open. He knocks on the door, wakes up J, “What” S “Your window opened.” J opens his eyes and sees Hisonant entering the chamber. The large man nods towards him. His “It seems I have been foiled twice by your companions. This will be a much waited for hunt.” S “J, let me in.” J “No.” His “After a great deal of disappointing hunts I feel that you may finally provide the opportunity to properly enjoy it. While the act of snuffing life itself can provide all the joy and pleasure that is needed, sometimes we long for a more enduring hunt.” S unlocked the door and opened it, Sang Kauw drawn. His “I would like to give you the opportunity to settle this as members of your warrior caste would prefer too.” J “I’m listening.” His “Find a suitable place for us to do battle, and I will find you so that we might battle, as long as your friends stay out of it.” J “They will.” His “Good. I will see you there.” His then leapt out the window. J, S, and Andrei go for a stroll to the University of History and Politics, past the gate guards, and then J sits upon the bench. J doesn’t even notice His before he is standing behind him. His “Are you prepared?” J “Yes”
• Jormangander and Hisonant meet in the courtyard of the University of History and Politics. Andrei and Shadow follow to watch, Shadow with his Sang Kauw out and tapping it on the cobbles. Hisonant charges, and as the Nemesis aura of cold rolls over Jormangander the chill sinks into his bones as the first snake fang pierces his flesh and digs deeply into his body and injecting their venom (which he resists), the second one then also proceding to bury in next to the first solidly into his body. Shadow watches, knuckles tightening. J strikes using 5 fatigue points to strike back, hitting him solidly with the first attack, then uses another 3 points for his second strike which Hisonant uses two fatigue also and hits him remarkably solidly, but Hisonant’s dark energy prevents any lasting effects. Jormangander pushes the speed of his weapon, but Hisonant is still faster, lashing with his pair of snake fangs, the first just being deflected from his flesh, the second digging heavily into him but he shrugs off the possible crit. J reposts but the hammer seems to avoid Hisonant on principle, so J uses 5 fatigue to try and bring him down, but he also evades the second hammer, leaving J completely exhausted. S “Sorry buddy,” and steps in to swing with his Sang Kauw, driving it through his left shoulder, bringing him down to his knees. Histonant “It seems that this hunt did not have the honour I expected.” J “They weren’t supposed to help.” Hisonant “This is not over yet, even if I might fall there will still be others to finish what I started.” S “I owed you for the scar.” Hisonant “You are lucky you were not my prey, or you would be dead.” Blood bubbling over his lips he died. J wandered away in his fatigued state, S tries to heal him but J slaps the hand away. Andrei loots Hisonant, takes the armour, clothes, and lockpicks, lets S take the Snake Fangs, and they split his gold 3 ways even though J refuses it. Andrei tells one guard that there is a corpse he found, S says that he attacked him and he had to defend himself. The guard says that this could ruin the university’s reputation so they should pay with some restitution, such as the weapons the man used. Shadow gives him 2 of Sophia’s old daggers to the guard, he says it’s not enough, so Andrei digs a hole in one of the gardens and buries the corpse. The guards suggest we never speak of this again.
• S and Andrei catch up to J, Andrei tries to help him but J bats his hand away. They stick with J so that he can home, S gives him the pouch of gold, J throws it , Shadow goes and gathers up the coins. They make it back to the inn after a while.
• After many hours of studying Lynn feels fairly confident, and she and F decide to head back to the inn (F has learned to sleep with his eyes open during this time).
• They wake up in the morning, S buys two of the nicest bottles of alcohol the inn keeper has, and places them and the bag of money beside Jormangander’s bed. J wakes up, gets food, and goes back to bed. S asks the inn keeper where he could find a doctor, or someone trained in the healing arts that could come to the inn in order to help his friend. The innkeeper suggests down a few roads to find some people. S goes off in order to find one of them. He goes and finds an eager young medical man. Leading him back, S describes the patient, med “How big are his hammers?” S “Big enough.” Med “But you’ll keep him away from them won’t you?” S “Not going to happen, can’t do it.” The med student grew very pale “How much are you paying me for this again.” S “Ten gold crowns.” The med student gained a more determined look. “Okay.” S “Twenty if you do a good job.” While enjoying lunch, L, F, and Andrei notice S come in with the med practitioner. L “This I feel we should watch.” They follow the others up to J room. S knocks on the door. J “Go away.” S “I brought someone to help you.” J “I don’t need help, go away.” S opens the door. S “Look, you can take your anger out on the booze, and on the coin, and even on me, but let him help you. We need you too much to let you stay like this.” J glares at the med “Get out.” Med pales and turns to flee, S grabs him and faces him forward. J “You don’t want to do this kid.” S “Let him help you.” J opens the window, throws out the bottles and the sack of coin, which med sees go spilling out the window. J then returns to bed Seeing how much was in it, Med eyes the window. S “You can go get it, but if you do I’m not paying you more and you need to help him for sure.” Med runs down, grabs the bag, and comes back determined, setting down his bag of surgical implements. He then moves over to Jormangander, who grabs one hammer. Med asks him to let him help, and says that he needs to remove his armour. As med puts his hands on the chainmail J pushes him back with the head of his hammer. Med tries again, and J pushes him back all the same before standing. J “You see this wall here, [gestures with hammer], if you don’t leave now it will be you.” Swinging his hammer J puts a great hole through the wall, into the adjoining room of F and L. Med pales, begins muttering one word over and over again, and tries to leave. F “You aren’t done yet. Either leave the money or fix him up.” Med tries to leave muttering but F stops him and looks at him. L “Let him keep the money.” F “No, he didn’t earn it.” Med gives the coins to F, and then leaves. J “Give the kid the money, he was smart enough to leave.” F “No, he didn’t earn it.” F slips the coins into his belt. L throws med some coins. He staggers downstairs muttering a single word “My, my, my, my…” over and over again. S asks if he still has the money, shows a few coins L gave him. S asks which of them took the money, but med continues to mumble and walks from the inn. They wait until 6 pm, since L presentation is at 8 and they want to get to the dressing room an hour early.
• They head to the University of History and Politics. L gets herself dressed, and then has J go out to tell the audience that Kagura has fallen ill and that a guest lecturer will be presenting her notes. The 40 audience members are unimpressed, and in the audience in Inquisitor Meidas, a man wearing a large suit of crimson armour, and Nathaniel. When J tells the rest about the Inquisitor, L realizes that she can’t use her sense connections, since all the others want to stay off stage now. She considers joining her senses with her dog and hiding the actual notes on a lower level of the podium for Molly to read, and has J place them as such in a leather folder, but realizes that she has no good way to turn the pages. She therefore decides to try to perform it from memory, but only remembers enough for a 15 minute presentation. L goes out while the others watch from behind the side curtains. L apologizes for Kagura’s falling ill, persuades the audience into calming down slightly (220), gives her quick presentation, and then flees off stage. L “Alright, lets get out of here.” They head back to the dressing room in order to leave through Nathaniel’s projected secret escape route, and find The Azure Knight standing in it, arms crossed and sword across his back. J “Holy crap, it actually worked.”

Copyright © 2012 by Jeremy Marshall



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