Influence From The Shadows

Kammist Rall's Mansion

House of Darkened Horror

• That night Anya grants Fenix Psychokinetic Armour to grant him +4 AT other then energy: “You seem to be the member of this group most interested in the well-being of others despite their differences. Thank you for accepting me. And thank you for getting rid of the… unwanted company. I offer you supernatural armour to protect you against the many dangers that we seem to face.”
• Andrei wakes up early to begin burying the old innkeeper and the old couple.
• Taiko plays an Absurd Victory song as he wakes up. Lynn goes looking for coffee in the kitchen, and after some rummaging finds some and begins preparing it, has some porridge also. Jormangander finds half a pig and cooks it for himself, denying the others. Taiko joins Lynn for breakfast, attempts to steal lots of liquor for himself, but Shadow reminds him that it is his inn now so he would need to ask or pay for it. Anya talks to Jormangander, and Andrei. To Jormangander: “I do not agree with all of your opinions. To be honest, I probably don’t agree with most of your opinions. But I respect your strength and you ability as a warrior and your loyalty to those you call friends. I hope to prove my worth to you on and off the battlefield before long. Thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwanted company. I offer you supernatural armour to protect you against the many dangers that seem to cross our path.” Psychokinetic Armour +2. To Andrei: “I don’t know you particularly well, but I do know what it feels like to be an outsider, ostracized for being different. I don’t know what you are looking for or why you joined this strange little band, but I hope you find something of worth. Thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwanted company. I offer you a supernatural increase to your fortitude in hopes that it aids you in our many apparently very dangerous travels.” +50 hitpoints.
• Shadow goes over to BB and asks for healing, since he is very wounded. Casts Heal to get him back up to 2/3 health.
• Anya and BB would like to rest for a few days to recover, Jormangander says they charge forward, Shadow suggests only 1 day as a compromise, Anya says 2 days, T “You don’t know him very well then do you.” A “I wish to improve all of your skills using my supernatural talents.” S “Taiko, if you stay with us you can have free booze.” T “Sounds good. Now, to Alberia up this coffee.” J “Being this close to the summoner we should go forward before he finds us.” S “The last time we weren’t at our best we tried to fight people like this they got away from us.” J “No, last time we were at our best, and they got away because they were pansies.” S “Well this time they could be even more pansieish.” Taiko and Lynn talk in Yamato about who they think will win this argument, and that Taiko doesn’t care. S “Well, since this is Lynn’s fight she should decide.” Lynn gets really big eyes as she is brought into the conversation, “I suppose we could wait one day in order to improve.” J puts out a sign that says “Closed”. J and F both notice that the carriage is still outside. F “Dibs on one of the horses.” J “I don’t need a horse.” F “Two for me then.” J searches the carriage, finds the letter instructing the man, and also booze (Phaion Sake, Northern Mead which he takes, Gabrielense Wine, and Abelense Beer). J presents the letter to Anya saying “Here, this is referring to you.” Then he goes to chill out. Anya notices the insignia in the broken wax, a sun in black wax.
• F begins thinking on who could drive the carriage, thinks about Anya and Lynn, realizes that they each have enemies who would recognizes, so says Andrei should drive it. He is pleased. Andrei leads the carriage off the road and back to the stables. Andrei then grabs some food from the kitchen. George joins them in the inn, but Fenix suggests he doesn’t go upstairs.
• While the others rest Anya gives BB and Taiko their buffs. To BB “I don’t know very much about you, though, at least supernaturally, we have much in common, both seeking to assist others using our supernatural capabilities. I respect your desire to assist others and I thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwelcome company. I offer you vision in darkness and of all the supernatural realms to aid you in our travels.” Darkvision and See Supernatural. To Taiko: “Some would call you brash or irresponsible, although your will to live and thrive seems to pass well beyond death. Your willingness to risk your own safety for the sake of those you travel with is admirable, and I thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwanted company. I offer you vision in darkness and all the supernatural realms to aid you in future combat.” Darkvision and See Supernatural.
• Fenix goes out to off the road and follows the paths to go look scout ahead into the northern direction. Finds that the path isn’t well traveled, sees snakes and rabbits, also finds a body. He sees if he is alone, and then walks off the road to examine it, finds someone facedown wearing a green traveling robe. He Ki Detects that it is dead, rolls it over to find a nearly decapitated young woman. Checks her pockets and finds a pocket filled with herbs, plain gold band ring, and a piece of paper with strange writing on it (he takes all three). Closes her eyes, F “Shame.” Finding nothing else of incident, and then returns. Informs the others of what he found: J “Some dead chick in the forest.”, F “Yup, just a dead woman.” Holds the ring in front of BB’s face, BB “Sorry, it is not magical.” F gives BB the herbs. BB based on his occult knowledge has heard of a group that call themselves Black Sun. F also shows the piece of paper, which is a scroll with Recover on it. Lynn, and Fenix have a phylisophical discussion about the sources of power for magic, psychic, and ki.
• Shadow walks over with Anya. And passes her the Black Book that he has been holding onto for a while, and asks what she knows about it. She identifies it as a magic tome, The Tome of Dark Blessing, S asks “Is this something you could use?” Anya “Yes, I suppose.” S “Then it is yours.”
• They all go to bed. Lynn takes first watch with Andrei, Taiko takes second and afterwards, with Jormangander joining him for third watch.
• After waking up, Lynn makes more coffee, J “Let’s hit the road.” Andrei “I think that is a good plan.” Andrei checks on the horses to make sure they have all they need, Lynn helps him prep the horses. Fenix sits in the nicest part of the benches inside the carriage. J sits in the seat beside where the driver would sit. George informs them that he needs to go the other way, J “Then go.” Anya “I hope that nothing unfortunate happens to you on your way.” George “I certainly hope not as well.” BB “It has been a pleasure to spend time with you George. Is there anything else that we could do for you?” George, “Just don’t look me up in Hausser, as I expect then I would live longer.” J “Hey, we’ve only lost one companion this whole time.” He heads off.
• The group begins to head out. BB drives the ox cart, T rides Buttercup, L rides Valkyrie, J Andrei and Anya sit on the front of the carriage with Andrei driving, Fenix and Shadow ride inside the carriage. Seeing that Lynn is riding her horse, Fenix shouts at her to get in the carriage, and then attempts to persuade the rest of them in, but only succeeds in getting Lynn to enter the carriage. J refuses in his usual insufferable manner. Taiko guides Valkyrie behind his horse.
• It is a calm and relaxing day where nothing bad happens. T “We should have gone through Goldar, at least they’re fighting a war.” They set up camp, expecting to reach the mansion mid-day tomorrow. J, F, then T for watch order, Shadow joins 2nd and 3rd.
• After waking up they break their fast, and head out in the same arrangement.
• Traveling through the day it is calm, Lynn and Shadow get their buffs. To Lynn: “I do not know what it is you search for or why it is you travel with this group of people, but your dedication to assisting them is admirable. Though I have not known you for very long, you have also shown willingness to assist me. Thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwanted company. I offer you a supernatural increase to your will, so that you may resist the forces in this world that would seek to break you. Increase Resistances +20. To Shadow: “Your dedication to not only your family but also to this group of people here that we travel with is astounding and amazing. I hope you continue to find the strength to continue on to support those who depend on you. Thank you for helping to get rid of the…unwanted company. I offer you a supernatural increase to your will, so that you may resist the forces in the world that would seek to stop you from protecting those whom you care about.” Increase Resistances +20.
• As they are moving through the woods, J, F, Andrei, Anya, and BB see specters snaking through the trees, whispering threats of death. Andrei stops the carriage. J “We may have a problem here.” There are many of them swinging around. Anya says they are specters, BB “These are Wake spirits, the spirits of people that died in strong emotions of pain, fear, or hatred. Normally they can’t interact with the world, but normally they can’t manifest like this.” J “Are they dangerous?” BB “I’m going to say yes.” F “So, will we ignore them or fight them.” L “Shadow, may I use your eyes?” S “Yes.” S “I don’t think ignoring them will work.” J attempts to move towards them, but they back up. J “They seem to be leaving, so lets keep going.” They saddle up and leave, although they keep weapons out across their laps or in hands. Another 30 minutes of travel through the forest.
• They see the mansion rising out from the forest around them. Seeing the gold plated doors Andrei comments “How much you think those doors are worth?” J “We can worry about it afterwards.” BB analyzes the mansion, windows are illusion magic and a stench of dark magic permeates through the air. He informs the group. F “So, the part that sticks out like a sore thumb, sticks out like a sore thumb?” BB “Yes.” T “Battle plan?” BB “Do we have to go in there?” J “I’m here to cut a swath.” L “The swath is in there.”
• Fenix chooses to look around, and notices that there are two small wooden back doors in different corners. Shadow asks Anya to have her bird fly up and watch for if they start to escape on them. She agrees. F reports to the party, T brings out a coin, flips it and says that they should use the front door. Anya “Did we just forsake the right of planning a proper method for the easy way?” S “Yes.” J “Times up, lets go.” J tries to push open the door, then finds that it opens out and so pulls it open. The party enters: J, T, Andrei, BB, Anya, ,Lynn, F, Shadow, after much rearrangement. Noticing that the horses seem panicked, so Taiko and Lynn tied up the horses, outside surrounded by all the Wake specters (384).
• They enter the Entrance Hallway. They see the images through the windows of the dark Wake forest, but they cannot see their horses. T “How much you want to bet we’re walking back afterwards.” L “I won’t take that bet.” Andrei “I will take that bet.” J opens the door which glides open without a sound. T “That is a well made door.” L “Indeed, well oiled.” T “I like it.”
• They enter the Room of Keys. They examine the pillar, which Anya identifies as a locking mechanism, BB thinks it is a demonic cooking recipe of some kind. They read the doors left to right. J suggests they go through the ice door after. F suggests the fire door. J “No”. F “I think you’re afraid.” J walks over to the fire door, and opens it.
• Opening the door releases the extensive amount of heat, which makes Jormangander very uncomfortable. They begin moving down, J at an increased pace. L “Well, it’s a dry heat at least.” They walk forward, and then the floor collapses under his feet. The magma burns through his flesh, scorching and melting through his left arm at the shoulder. Taiko drags him out, “Fat boy, hurry, we need healing.” BB uses recover to fully repair him and get him his limb back. Andrei checks the wall with his hand to see if it would support his weight. Jormangander “Thank you. Now, if no one has any better ideas, I’m going to hit the floor before us with my hammer before I walk. Unless someone wants to take the lead, which for once I wouldn’t object to.” Andrei pulls out his sword, and smacks the walls beside the pit with the blunt end of it. Andrei walks up the wall, past the pit. He continues to walk on walls, slamming the floor with the blunt end of his sword. T “Well, he did say he was from Moth.” He goes to the end of the hallway, cracks the second lava pit, and then stops while looking down the new turn. Shadow moves towards the front. J “Well, we need to get past this. Who would go first?” F “I will.” Taiko and Jormangander help to throw him, but it is a short throw and he cracks his shins with his feet skimming off the pool. They throw Shadow next, and he makes it easy.
• As Andrei walks down the hallway, he gets a little further before a gout of flame shoots from the wall he is walking down, but the flames cannot hurt him. He continues to walk down the hallway, and is once again gouted by flame. Shadow jumps the second pool of magma, sees Andrei, begins heading in pursuit of him, and notices the hole in the wall with rippling flame. He looks for a trigger, but there is no pressure plate or tripwire, and watches as Andrei is engulfed in fire again. Shadow schimies under the fire jets. Andrei looks around the corner, sees the Ruby on the pedastal, he tells Shadow “Hallway ends, I will get gem, everyone go back.” S “No way, I will catch up.” L “Hey everyone, Andrei says that he will get the gem, so we can go back.” J “Thank gods.” They all go back the way they came across the gap, and wait in the central room. As they move down the hallway, Shadow and Andrei trigger the Inferno Column, which scorches Shadow (40 LP), and lights Andrei on fire to his very being (Burning to Ashes), which scours his flesh, he and Shadow attempt to extinguish himself, Shadow beating at his with his extra cloak. All of Andrei’s clothes are destroyed, it carves into his flesh. Through their combined efforts he burns less, and is then able to roll out the rest of it. S “Lynn, send BB. We need to heal Andrei.” Lynn “That would take too long, you would get out faster.” Shadow checks the pedastal for traps, and finding none grabs the gem. Andrei puts himself out, and Shadow gives him his extra cloak to wear, which he does as a loin cloth. Shadow tells Andrei about the trap locations, Andrei “I found all the traps.” S “Yes, but you don’t know what they were or the triggers.” Andrei “Didn’t need to.” They go back to the magma pools, after jumping the first pool his cloak catches fire but he stamps it out. S “How are you walking on the wall.” Andrei shrugs. Shadow notices his tiny demon horns. Jumping the second magma pit, Shadow easily makes it. They make it back to the central chamber. Taiko closes the door, and the temperature returns to normal. T “Let us never do that again.” L “Agreed.” S “Let’s go to the ice room next.” J “Left to right.” Anya “Should we really leave the stones here. I think we should take them with us.” S “Agreed.” Anya “Then may I carry it in my pack?” S “Here you are.”
• They choose the Riddle of Lost Ideals next. Shadow stands besides Jormangander. They notice the interior, BB sees the magic locks and chains, and everyone but Taiko notices the grid on the floor, where they first see ‘H’. F “What the hell is this.” Andrei walks on the walls and looks at them; “We have a giant puzzle it seems.” J sits in the very centre meeting point between the tiles. Taiko brings out an ink pen and begins recording the different units. It takes a long time. Andrei plays with the dials of the lock, seeing that each unit contains A-Z, and the numbers 1-0. After recording the values, Taiko, Anya, Shadow, Lynn, and Taiko set out to solve it. S “The numbers around the edges must mean something.” Anya “I have found LUX, and NOCTE.” L “Yes, and then the numbers would correspond with the number of letters that correspond to each key.” T “So the final answer should be this entire column?” F “I’m going to follow a different approach.” While the others work, Andrei opens the door to the ice hall, it is incredibly cold and chills the room, he sees the hall of ice, and closes the door. Andrei informs Jormangander about the hall, J “Sounds like home.” S “So, if we put the NOCTE in the dark chain lock, LUX in the light chain, what would go in the crystal link.” Andrei asks Taiko, “Do you have any clothing I could have?” T “What would you give me?” Andrei looks between the two of them, “What do you think I have.” T gives him his winter clothes. A “Shall we go to the winter room now?” J “Yeah, I could do something productive.” They head out. Anya enters NOCTE, LUX, and FONS ET ORIGO MALI, pulls all the levers, and frees the gem, which Anay put in her backpack.
• Andrei and J go to the Hall of Freezing Ice. J goes down the hallway until a large icicle burst forward to attack him, he blocks and his armour soaks it up. The second goes the same way, gets to the other side of the third, makes it past the fourth icicle, and his armour soaks up the fifth. They round the corner and head down the hallway. They reach the centre and trigger the Ice Whirlwind in a swirling pattern of icy death, but their armour soaks it up. At the end of the hallway, Jormangander cracks open the first ice water pit. Andrei walks on the wall “Would you mind if I get that?” J “Not a problem.” The rest catch up to J, Fenix looks immensely miserable, J “I’m letting Andrei get it.” Andrei grabs the crystal, swiftly removes it, nothing bad happens. Andrei gives the Ice Crystal to J. A “Would you like me to hold on to that?” J “No, this one reminds me of home.” They exit, and close the door.
• They open the Hawthorn Challice room. They notice all the thorns, moving in but leaving Mollie in the hallway. The natural armour of Andrei, Jormangander, and Taiko, and the magic armour on Fenix protect them, BB and Anya are okay, but both Lynn and Shadow both take pain. Lynn and Shadow both mewling in pain, and so told to leave the room. As the rest move forward, they look into the chalice, seeing the dark red sap hiding the gem. Andrei reaches in, is stabbed by the roots and succumbs to the pain. Fenix dips a finger in and tastes it, tastes like poison. Taiko tries to empty with a wineskin, but the fluid passes through it and stays in his hand. BB tries to levitate the gem out, but the roots grab it, then he tries to manipulate the fluid, but it resisted. They realize they need to drink. Fenix and Taiko, drank three mouthfuls, and failed VR on the Third, T “I’ve still drank worse.” J and Anya drink two mouthfuls and are fine. Anya grabs the wooden gem. L “Can we wait for the pain to subside.” J “I feel fine.” T “Fuck you.” Shadow, Anya, Andrei, Fenix, BB, and Taiko all agree with J.
• They enter the Chamber of Mirrors. They see all of the mirrors. Fenix goes first, is confronted by the comments of society. They tell him to leave, and he fails his PsR, falls to his knees, and feels that he may never return to this room. Lynn enters the first, faces her selves, and allows herself to go forward, saying “No.” when they tell her to run again. She continues past the second, where they threaten to say what she really can be, and so she says “Then let it be laid bare,” and continues forward.” Taiko enters the first beams, which start “My, we have gotten fat, haven’t we,” continues forward. Lynn continues into the yellow, commenting on whether the heroics have actually accomplished what we intended, but what they could also have costed. Taiko makes it to the second beam, comments on why we would allow ourselves to be trapped by Naraku instead of the proper resting place. Shadow enters the first light, comments on the light, and how they would never be able to forget, and all action would continue, but he continues. Lynn moves forward into the forth beam, and the light comments on her lust for power and the desire to prevent death, where all her actions lead her friends to death and the death of all the members of the owner of this place. Taiko enters the third beam, comments on the trudging, the deaths, the running, and then the fleeing from what he did to his mother, T “Perhaps we can go back one day. When I can see myself, perhaps I can see her again.” He steps forward. Shadow enters the second beam, comments on the blinding light, his work, comments on his family, and how long it has been since he has seen them. S “I do what I do so that they may have the future I did not,” he steps forward with a tear. Anya enters the first light, commenting on her quest to help others, to improve the lives of other, but is it our only goal, with no regard to ourself, she responds “Yes.” Lynn steps forward into the last beam, inches from the gem “And what do you have for me,” she asks her mirror selves, she is informed of all the truth about what really happened afterwards, all the deaths caused by her and her family, L “Then I shall live with it.” The stone presents the gem. All the lights fade. She puts it in her pack, and leaves. S tells her “We are with you.”
• They open the silken door to The Orb of Whirling Winds, and the gale force wind blows them back. Taiko gets blown back by the force of the wind, due to his pain. Jormangander stalks through it, trudging through the wind, to just be able to reach out and snare the orb. Forming a calm wind around him, he walks out, and puts it in his backpack.
• They open the door to Pool of Dark Water. Lynn put her hand in the water, and began to feel her matrices unwind. BB cast Aquatic Capabilities on Taiko. Taiko takes off his armour, jumps in, and feels all the magic and ki powers he had fade away. Diving to the bottom he picked up the Mercury Orb, grabbed it, began swimming up, sank again, and then made it to the top with the thanks of fatigue. Lynn throws him a rope, hands it to Jormangander, and then he gets pulled in.
• They head back to the key chamber, and slot in their gems after Taiko puts on his armour again. The stairs descend, and they ascend with Taiko and Jormangander leading. They find the next landing, with all of its gory glory.

Copyright © 2011 by Jeremy Marshall



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