Influence From The Shadows

Dawn of The Festival

Spirits and Celebration

• Shadow asks Taiko “Hey Taiko, could I take the other head that you are in possession of and the helmet that you have. They have three pikes and probably want them for the opening of the festival.”, “Can I keep the helmet?”, “You can probably get it back afterwards.”, “Alright”. Shadow takes the heads, checks the library to see that the chandelier isn’t glowing anymore, but the armour are. He tells Jormangander. Then leaves to Farna.
• Jormangander begins rearranging the furniture of “his” tower, throwing the bodies on the front lawn, and the suits of armour from the library to surround the front door, putting the bodies on the armour’s axes. Fenix “So Jormangander, what you doing,” Jormangander “I’m decorating my tower. You can have a room, since you did help.”
• Taiko went out to find the horses in front of the tower. Taiko slaps Baby Blue awake with enough force to swell his entire face. BB sees the madness of all the trouble around. Taiko leads him up to Lynn and asks him to fix her. BB restores her with heal and fires it up. She asks to borrow his senses. They go downstairs.
• Taiko gathers up Sophia’s body, makes his VR check, and looks for somewhere to bury her. Jormangander suggests he just throw her in the lake. Taiko begins stealing books to make a fire. Fenix spots a book with a red flaming bird on the cover, that he feels drawn to. Taiko demands Fenix get him replacements books, Fenix says get it yourself, he smacks him, they smack each other. Lynn combines senses with Taiko, and then sees the entire pile of books from the library. BB “What the hell are you doing.” BB heals Fenix and Taiko for some damage. BB tells Taiko never to do that again, keep him in the loop.
• Shadow runs all the way to Farna, making it late on the night of the 14th, just before the start of the Festival.
• Jormangander goes to bed in the destroyed bed of Siluin. Fenix sleeps in the Inner Garden. BB sleeps in the guest room Taiko and Lynn enter the alchemical and summoning chamber. Taiko begins making a pile of the books, and Lynn light a torch. Lynn lights them up, which results in a cascading waves of dark magic lash through the room. Taiko resists the Life Drain, but Lynn has some of her vitality stolen. The two Shadow within the books strike at each of them with slight shivers. Taiko lifts up Lynn, tries to carry her out. Jormangander and Fenix are woken up as Taiko swears “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” in Yamato. One of the shadows attacks Taiko, and it kills him. Fenix pushes Taiko corpse off of Lynn, then picks her up and runs. She tries to connect senses, but he prevents it, then she says she wants to connect it, and he allows it. They begin running towards the stairs in order flee, runs into Jormangander. “What the hells is going on here,” “I have no idea”. The shadows possess Taiko’s body, and begin heading out the door chanting “Festival, festival, festival…” Fenix and Jormangander follow him, BB wakes up and asks what is wrong, shoved aside. As Taiko’s corpse walks outside, Fenix punches the corpse, breaking its neck. As the corpse keeps going Jormangander takes off his left calf. When the corpse continues to move Jormangander crushes his left hand. It tries to continue crawling forward, Fenix lifts up the corpse. Fenix asks what is going on. The spirits introduce themselves as Vishra and Vakroush. They say that they are willing to help them bring Taiko back to help. Everyone but BB isn’t interested. BB wants to. Jormangander, Lynn and Fenix all threaten to kill him if they do. The shadows leave his body and become visible, offering to take the body back in. In exchange. The party refuses_, instead opting to split the equipment and money Taiko possessed_. The shadows vanish before Fenix can attack them, sneak inside and close the door and lock it. Jormangander, Fenix, Lynn, and BB all sleep outside.
• The shadows offer to let Taiko come back if they help them, he responds “There is no way in any of the hells that I would trust you creature.” They grab him, take him to the summoning circle, spread the magic book ashes, and then send him off to Tsukiyomi’s temple in the Wake. She makes an offer to bring him back if he is willing to serve as his pawn. Taiko insists that he wouldn’t go against his code of conduct, to which Tsukiyomi agrees since it means he can never harm her. Taiko agrees, and she brings her back as a colder, clammier pseudo undead.
• He kills the spirits by crushing their necks by their arms. They ask “This isn’t possible, you should be dead.” He then leaves the tower, gathers up his armour and weapon, wakes up Lynn, and they have a conversation in Yamato to explain what is going on, Tsukiyomi and some of the information about her, and what he is and the deal that he made now. “Also, I want my shit back.” Lynn gives him the stuff back, he slaps BB awake, BB “What the hell who the fu… Oh its you, your supposed to be dead, in fact, I know your dead.” I want my money back. Taiko gently wakes Jormangander, Jorm “How are you alive.”, Taiko “Deal with a devil.”. Taiko asks for his stuff back. Jormangander gives him his stuff back, but says that if Tsukiyomi tells him to betray them, and he does, Jormangander will put him down. Taiko then grabs the blanket that Fenix has wrapped himself in, pulls it out and sends Fenix 15 feet infront of where he was, waking him up. Fenix “It’s late, why am I up.” Sees Taiko, “Oh, I’m not awake.” Tries to go back to bed, gets slapped back awake, then he says he’ll see if he’s alive when he actually wakes up. Everyone goes back to sleep, but Taiko asks Lynn “Do I even count as human anymore.”, Lynn “That depends what you do with you new gift now.”
• They wake up and begin marching off to Farna. Reaching the lake side village, Jormangander bluntly tells them that their children are dead. Then Taiko gave the family back the children’s bones, wrapped in a blanket. They continue on and take 2 days total to get their, the end of March 15th.
• Shadow arrives in Farna, but then sees someone that looks exactly the same as the girl from the dream. He stops to the look for her, but has lost site of her. Shadow continues on to The Blacksmith. He turns over the heads, informs The Blacksmith what happened and offers, offers to put their heads up for display during the festival. The Blacksmith tells them that isn’t the type of thing they do, but for his private collection. Shadow asks if he can help make a new bow, which he can if he covers all his own material costs. Asks Shadow if his large friend lived. Shadow say yes. The Blacksmith asks whether he keeps his armour on good enough, in order to help them avoid all the scratches, then he kicks him out.
• On the next day there is the beginning of the festival, with the opening ceremonies, and all of the presence of the groups there. Large shops opening, extra nick-knacks, and people from the far reaches of the Empire.
• Shadow sees Anya again and notes distinctive supernatural glow, follows her until she turns down an alley. He waves over. Anya “Can I help you?” Shadow, “Perhaps I could help you.”, “How do you mean.”, Explains the dream and that she resembles the person. “Perhaps we should speak of this somewhere more private.”, “Where would be private in a city hosting a festival.”, Anya “Perhaps an inn.”, “I have a room at an inn nearby.” The two go and discuss the dream in more detail. Anya “That resembles aspects of my life, but not the specifics. Perhaps it was someone similar to me.” They discuss why Shadow was here, based on the presence of a magic user attacking a tavern that they had been staying in, and having to hunt down the mage after. “It is always sad when innocents have to die during the struggles of others.” Discuss whether either could help with the other ones. Anya describes the people she is looking for, wealthy with doctors coats similar to those used by studying anatomy in the larger Universities. One had a pair of shaved down large horns. Shadow offers to take her to meet someone that might be able to help.
• Lynn looks through the bags of Sophia’s clothes, finding the large amount of money that she had. She talks to Taiko in Yamato commenting on how much money she had. Lynn comments that the clothes don’t fit, she’ll need new ones.
• Shadow and Anya reach the Blacksmith. Shadow knocks and introduces himself. He asks who she is, since she doesn’t seem to be around for the usual blacksmithing wares. She describes the people she is looking for. He says that he doesn’t recognize anyone around, but during the festival they could look for them. Shadow parts ways with the night, Anya “Should they be half as helpful as you I look forward to meeting them.” She remembers Shadow.
• The party approaches the city as fireworks rain through the sky, they see a large grave digger digging on the edge of the graveyard. They head into town, and Lynn buys a new large sheep dog, naming it Molly. They check the itinerary for the Festival. They then head into a bar, Jormangander is himself, Taiko watches the madness. Shadow decides to track them, and finds them after the Jormangander incident.
• Jormangander pisses off two other men from the north, they comment in Arkes “What do you think your doing not showing respect to these people?” Jormangander, “Have you seen them, they can’t even fight, what good are they.” Others “They make food, they live honest lives, they can all be as big and manly as the rest of us.” Jorm “I’ve walked through so many villages that I could singlehandedly have killed.” Others, “Then lets take this outside.” They head out, Lynn buys a bottle of scotch (25 GC), and a glass. Fenix begins working Jormangander’s muscles and gets shoved off.
• Jormangander fights the two warriors of the Yngling clan from Goldar outside the bar. Anya’s cat notices, so she watches. Jormangander surprises one, and then decides to attack the other one, cleaving out a chunk of his stomach, causing the man to bend over in half and splattering his organs along Taiko and Lynn in the entrance of the hammer. The other surrenders, “Don’t you think that was overkill”, Jormangander “No.”. Jormangander takes his money. Shadow walks over, so Anya walks down to investigate. Shadow tells them that he has three rooms at one inn, the others head back into the bar, Jormangander gets a private table. Anya asks Shadow what is going on. Shadow informs Anya that this is how things go with Jormangander, and that he doesn’t respect women until he believes they have earned it. Shadow goes into the bar. Anya returns to his room. Taiko drinks heavily in the bar. Lynn requests Taiko for a song. BB joins Jormangander at the table. Fenix helps the northerner. Taiko plays an awesome song (Impossible, almost inhuman) to the sake of the festival and competition, and that he will be victorious.
• Fenix helps take the northerner to carry his dead to the graveyard. While leaving the city, he notices a beautiful woman that is entering the city gives him an angry look. Fenix “Well excuse me.”, the woman “You are excused.” Fenix leads the noertherner over to the fire. They take the body to the shrouded man by the fire. They ask if they can burn it after “An unfortunate incident in town.” Andrei breaks up some coffins, makes a pyre, lights them on fire while the other northerner says a prayer to the Aityr. Fenix notices the sword and comments “Your not just a grave digger also.” Andrei “I travel, travelers need protection.” Fenix “I notice that despite the festival you are still outside.” Andrei “I’m not really a people, I’m a grave digger, they ignore me.” They talk into the night.
• The rest of the party sleep, Taiko after heavy drinking. Lynn tries to get Taiko to escort her back to her dog pen she’s sleeping in. He agrees to. Lynn is feeling quite good from the scotch. She invites Taiko in. Taiko awkwardly but politely turns her down since she is drunk, not mentioning that he likes someone else. Lynn tries to grab him and jump up to kiss him, but instead runs her head into one of the overhead, and knocks herself, into sleep. Taiko shakes his head, with his hand over his face. Taiko places her unconscious body on her straw mat, leaving Molly to guard her. Taiko closes the door behind him and sings his way back to the inn.
• The first day of the Festival begins. Shadow spends it working on his new bow. The Blacksmith is working on swords for Dalaborn and Gabriel. Anya, Taiko, Fenix, go to the beef cooking competition, watch and sample the extra food. Jormangander goes to the turkey cooking competion. BB goes whore hunting. She is approached by an incredibly beautiful woman, BB “Nice shoes,”, “Well aren’t you a charmer.” “I’m gorgeous, I don’t need charm.” “What is it that you are looking for all gorgeous ones?”, “I need to learn my innocence, but I am still having trouble finding my real self with this burden.” “Ah, you’re afraid your too innocent are you. There is a way to help with that. You scratch my back, I scratch yours as it were.” He is doubting what is going on, but he asks her to continue. “I need you to find a woman for me that has stolen all my money.” “Now, I have no ability to kill you know, can we have sex first.”, “No, we need to do this first. Escort her out of the city, take her for a ride down to, a thicket, and then I will talk to her and get my money back.” BB turns her down and goes looking for easier whores, or uglier women. He can’t find any. Fenix tried to get Andrei to come into town, but he refused. Fenix offers to bring him food back.
• Lynn wakes up to one hell of a headache. She goes to the pie competition. Jormangander, Anya, and Taiko all go looking for the pie competition, and Fenix goes to the cake competition. BB goes to the pie competion. Lynn sees Taiko, taps him and asks what happened, but Taiko ignores her for the pie. She tries again, Taiko, “Well, after you drank half of a merangue on a raison with a side of apple.” Lynn “Focus, Latin or Yamato please.” Closes his eyes Taiko “After you drank half a bottle of scotch you delicious scent of burning cinnamon sweetness…” Lynn “Why don’t I remember leaving the bar?” Taiko “The half bottle of scotch and the concussion.” Lynn “Concussion,” “Yes, you hit your head quite hard on the ceiling.” BB sees Anya, as a glowing magic super babe. BB “What’s your deal.”, Anya “Can I help you.”, “You seem to have a radiant personality.”, “What makes you say that.” “You seem to glow, you know glimmer, to the left of you, the right of you, right above.”, “You know, its rude to point things out like that.” “Well, we could go to many places, have some fun, enjoy ourselves.” Anya just walks away.
• Following the competition Lynn drags Taiko shopping to sell all of the clothes she found from Sophia. Taiko then sees Mirabel, and stares at her. Lynn notices that Taiko is focused heavily on Mirabel, and him checking her out profusely. Lynn “So what’s her name Taiko.” As she sells the luxury dress and lingerie, Taiko “Mirabel.”, Lynn gets some replacement clothes in a dark burgundy. Mirabel “Taiko, it’s been too long. I got your note.” Looks over to Lynn. Taiko “Might have been a bit formal.” Mirabel “So what are the two of you up to.”, Taiko “I got dragged along shopping so that she could use my ey… um I mean…” Lynn “I needed him to carry my bags.” Taiko “Lynn, Mirabel, Mirabel, Lynn.” Lynn “Yes, we met the first day you trained.” Mirabel “Well, I won’t keep you then.” Taiko “No, wait I mean what are you doing later this night.” Mirabel “But she might need your eyes.” Taiko “But she has the dog, she totally won’t need me.” Lynn “Go right ahead Taiko, I won’t need you. Make sure the two of you have fun.” Venomously. Taiko “YES! YES! YES! I mean, that would be wonderful.” Mirabel “Excellent, well then I shall see you later tonight then.” Off down the road Mirabel goes. Lynn keeps Taiko kidnapped while shopping, with Taiko zoning out repeatedly. Shadow sees Taiko shopping with Lynn, “Oh good, he’s not in trouble.”
• Jormangander gets his food, and then rests, Fenix takes some of his leftovers to the gravedigger, calling him Yorech. Fenix “Hi there, I came and brought you some food to see if you would open up. Tell me about your travels.” Andrei “I could tell you all about my travels.” “Sounds good.” “I could tell you about Moth.” “So I haven’t caught your name yet.” Andrei doesn’t answer. “So how many nights am I going to have to spend out hear to actually get anything out of you?” “I’m better off along.” “So am I.”
• Anya wanders the market, sees Taiko and Lynn shopping, goes looking around the stalls.
• BB makes a sign saying “Need money for whore.” And takes his normal form. Shadow walks by and throws 50 siver crowns at him, shaking his head the entire time, and also puts 2 and 2 together about understanding what is going on with BB. BB tries to find a whore for his natural form, but they all politely refuse. BB sleeps on the street in his natural form in the nicer areas. He is approached by guards, telling him that he needs to go somewhere else, indoors, or they can throw him in the stocks for the night for a roof. He shambles off.
• Taiko remembers his date at the last minute, running off exclaiming “Shit.” Lynn lets him go, but follows and maintains her vision link. Taiko then realizes that Mirabel never said where they were to meet. Taiko checks The Blacksmith’s find her not there, and then goes to the glade where he finds her in a tree picking spring blossoms. Mirabel “So, what ever shall we do.” Taiko “I hadn’t really planned anything, I was just hoping to spend time with you, see what we could do. This is a beautiful.” Staring at her. “I suppose its not bad. Tell you what, we could play a little game to pass the time.” Closed eyes. “Now count to fifty.” He counts to fifty. He opens his eyes and finds a note at his feet saying “Catch me if you can.” He shakes the tree, very hard, but finds nothing but leaves and flower petals. Mirabel ran directly past Lynn, waving as she went. Taiko tracked Mirabel, but does not find her. He tries to find her, the Blacksmith is dark without any light. Taiko sees guards along the front so sneaks in by breaking is way through a side window. He is struck from behind and knocked unconscious in one fell blow. Lynn stops following him and goes back to bed.
• Day of Artful Tasks begins.
Shadow sees Taiko’s unconscious form on the floor as he starts working, and shrugs. The Blacksmith lets Shadow know that if his friend breaks into his shop again, his penalty will be more than unconsciousness. With a sly smile, Shadow requests the Blacksmith’s help in moving the large man over beside the anvil Shadow works at. The Blacksmith mirrors the smile, helps move Taiko, grabs some rope, and offers a hand in tying off the swine. Shadow checks over the knots before starting to work on the metal reinforcements for his bow. An unconscious Taiko groans beside the anvil as it rings rhythmically.
Anya takes in some of the dances and dances along for the enjoyment of it. Fenix talks to the gravedigger while he works, ignores and then leaves. Jormangander and BB take in some baudy comedy. They are drawn to a group of 10 soldiers led by that same mysteriously beautiful woman, who shouts “There is the woman that stole my money. Get her boys!”
• Lynn runs backwards towards Jormangander, BB, and Fenix. Fenix glances over to Jormangander “Whenever you’re ready slow man.” BB doesn’t see any magic, and so remains behind the rest of them, calling the mystery hot woman a hussy. Jormangander steps forward, draws his hammer, and waits. The ten men attempt to charge past Jormangander to reach Lynn, so Jormangander swings in a wide arc with his hammer, knicking the first one, the second but not hurting him, the third is solidly hit, and the fourth is knicked. Fenix attempts to punch one that is trying to get to Lynn, hitting him with his fist. The other five attack Lynn, the first, and second is absorbed by the shield, the third cuts her slightly, the fourth and fifth are absorbed by the shield. The mystery woman is moving up through the mass of people. Anya uses Psycokinetic armour on Lynn, giving her armour, then accumulates Zeon. The general public has scattered. 5 Guards are beginning to approach the location.BB accumulates Zeon. Fenix attacks the man he attacked before, hitting him again. The mysterious woman is vanishing down an alleyway. Anya accumulate Zeon and uses Automatic Transportation on the mysterious woman, and drops her right in front of the guards in order to make her appear to be a witch. There is a shout from the guards “Witch”. Five of the soldiers attack Lynn, the first, and second are absorbed by her shield, the third strikes her but doesn’t hurt her, the forth and fifth are absorbed by her shield. Jormangander is attacked, the first one swings, but Jormangander blocks and counters with an area attack with fatigue, glancing the first, solidly striking the second, glancing off the third, and hitting the fourth one. Lynn uses her psychic points to generate a better shield. The guards reach, they have their weapons out and demand that she surrender. In a puff of fire and brimstone she transformed into her true Succubus form, leaving the guards with their mouths gaping, so she flew off and vanished. The guards shook off the daze and demanded the soldiers to drop their weapons. They weren’t decided, but when Jormangander told them to keep their weapons, they surrendered. The party then regrouped as the soldiers were arrested.

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