Phoenix Pendant

Artifact of 3 Creation points - still inert.

“the egg shaped red stone that hung from a platinum chain around his neck”

Upon Fenix’s death within Kamist Rall’s Mansion, the pendant enshrouded his corpse in glittering flames of red orange and yellow. From the flames Fenix arose fully regenerated, but his pendant cracked, and the small crystalline image of a sickly baby bird could be seen within. Fenix vowed to repair his pendant to its former glory.

Tier 1 (Active at all times):
-brings the wielder back to life from death once

Tier 2 (Active Upon the Continent of Varja)
-Increases the wielder’s Ki Accumulations in all attributes by 1 point
-Increases the wielder’s Regeneration Level by 1
-Tier 1 effect if it has not been activated


Phoenix Pendant

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