Noah's Judgement


This box contains the essence of Noah to deny victory by luck, and to grant it only to those of proper skills. No one knows how many of these items are currently in existence, or how to open them. Once opened, the box loses its power, and no one knows when the divine object would release its power, and if it is for the benefit or harm of its owner…


This unremarkable box refuses to be opened. The seam between the top and bottom have no hinge, no lock, and almost no space between the two of them. The wood is plain and unadorned. There are no engravings to even describe what may possibly be contained within them. Taiko received this box, and resisted the urge to break it open, after drawing a small figurine from the “Mystery Bag” owned by a beautiful young woman that owned the most expensive game stall in Farna during their yearly festival on the Day of Charming Graces.

Noah's Judgement

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