Mask of Destined Betrayal


The wearer of this mask notices that upon wearing it the world seems to contrast more sharply between the lights and darks, yet the shades in between seem to get lost in the mix.

The Mask of Destined Betrayal carries with it several advantages, but also caries with it a cursed destiny. The wearer of The Mask of Destined Betrayal is able to See Supernatural, treated as having Acute Sense Sight (+30 Perception Checks involving sight), as well as a +50 bonus to their MR to see through spells of the Illusion Path. It also prevents the wearer from becoming blinded, and will even generate a supernatural replacement eye to ensure that they can still see.

These advantages carry with them the fact that once the Mask is placed on it can never be removed. The only time that the mask can be removed is once the wearer has been slain. Also, it draws traitorous intent and focus from those around the wearer, and all previous wearers have been killed via traitorous actions by one of their companions. How the girl that gave it to Jormangander acquired it is unknown…


This black leather mask is covered in intricate symbols and runes of heavy black fabric. The only holes in the mask are for the eyes, and they are covered over in fine, black iron mesh. Rivets of silver, black silver and blood gold decorate its surface. Once placed over an individuals’s face it hugs incredibly tightly, as though forming a second layer of skin.

Jormangander received this mask after drawing a small totem from the “Bag of Many Things” from a young woman running the most expensive games stall in Farna during the

Mask of Destined Betrayal

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