Gilded Cloak of Leadership


This brilliant and exquisitely made cloak inspires those around the wearer to follow their lead and guide them forward in what is to come ahead. The wearer of the Gilded Cloak of Leadership gains +50 to their Leadership, Style, and Persuasion Secondary Abilities. It also grants the wearer a Synchronization of 20 with the Beryl Barakiel, as well as gaining their attention so that their actions are watched.


This deep purple cloak is gilded in golden thread with minute images of a forgotten kingdom. Symbols represent villages, cities, and even grand castles and fortresses, as well as farm land, forests, and sweeping mountain ranges. Anyone that wears it looks and feels like they should be a lord.

Fenix received this cloak from a young woman that ran the most expensive game stall in Farna during The Day Of Charming Graces during their yearly festival. He drew out a small token from her “Mystery Bag”, and was given it without an explanation.

Gilded Cloak of Leadership

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