Eye of Revelation


For Anya, the Eye of Revelation automatically grants a one-difficulty-level activation increase and maintenance base for psychic abilities. It also increases base magic accumulation by 5 and maximum zeonic potential for spells as though her intelligence score were 2 higher.

The effects of this artifact vary from bearer to bearer.

This simple, delicate diadem is made of platinum and is the setting for a large blue sapphire, giving the appearance of an eye. Rather than reveal truths about the outside world to him or her, the Eye grants the wearer greater clarity in understanding his or her own essence. The Eye is currently in the possession of Anya.


The sorcerer Elar-Zoral created this artifact for a powerful warlord who used brutal methods to gain control of land and people. He promised it would increase her power and influence. It did indeed do as he said; however, not in the way the warlord expected. Rather than having an effect on those around her, the Eye increased her understanding of herself and broadened her perspective on the world, not only increasing her power, but also causing her to re-evaluate her actions and how she led her life. From then on, she worked for the benefit of those under her influence rather than for self-gain.

Eye of Revelation

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