Sophia Synanceia(Deceased)


Sophia “Belladonna” Synanceia
Assassin, Level 2+1, Size 12, Appearance 10
Life Points 105, Regeneration 1, Movement Value 10, Fatigue 7

Str: 5 Dex: 10 Agi: 10 Con: 7 Pow: 4 Int: 9 Wp: 8 Per: 9
PhR: 40 MR: 30 PsR: 45 VR: 60 DR: 20

Initiative: 115 Unarmed, 125 +10 Dagger, 120 +5 Dagger
Attack Ability: 115 +10 Dagger, 110 +5 Dagger
Defense Ability: 90 Dodge
Damage: 60 +10 Dagger, 50 +5 Dagger
AT: Cut:2(3) Impact:1(2) Thrust:3(4) Heat:2(3) Elec:3(5) Cold:3(3) Ene:0(0)

MK: 40+40=80(70 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Presence Extrusion, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy
Ki(Accum): Str:5(1) Dex:10(2) Agi:10(2) Con:7(1) Pow:4(1) Wp:8(1)
Ki Techniques: None

Advantages/Disadvantages: Quick Reflexes(1 CP), Charm (1 CP). Jack of all Trades(2 CP), ???(1 CP) / Slow Healer(1 CP), Sickly(1 CP)
Background Advantages/Disadvantages: Starting Wealth(1 CP) / Powerful Enemy(1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Dagger Module, Wear Armour 0
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 25, Athleticism 25, Climb 25, Jump 10, Ride 25, Swim 25, Composure 50, Feats of Str. 10, Withstand Pain 20, Notice 80, Search 80, Track 20, Animals 20, Appraisal 20, Memorize 30, Herbal Lore 35, History 20, M. Appraisal 5, Medicine 20, Navigation 20, Occult 20, Sciences 20, Intimidate 20, Leadership 5, Persuasion 40, Style 5, Disguise 35, Hide 55, Lock Picking 45, Poisons 55, Theft 25, Stealth 80, Trap Lore 50, Art 5, Dance 25, Forging 25, Music 5, Sleight of Hand 35, Streetwise 25

Possessions: 2x +10 White Steel of Shivat Daggers “White Roses”, 10x +5 Steel Daggers, +5 Armored Longcoat, +10 Leather Hood, 5x Good Quality Gloves, 5x Good Quality Women’s Underwear, 2x Luxury Lingerie, Good Quality Broad-brimmed Hat, 2x Good Quality Walking Boots, 2x Good Quality Pants, 2x Good Quality Shirts, 2x Good Quality Belts, 2x Good Quality Handkerchiefs, Luxury Dress, Designer Shoes, +10 Lockpicks, Good Quality Backpack, Good Quality Blanket, 5x Good Quality Soap, Excellent Perfume, Wineskin, Field Rations(Good), 2x Basic Medical Herbs (For Pain), 1x Good Quality Gauss

Sex:Female Race: Asher Age: 23 Height: 5’3" Weight: 118 Hair: Violet Eyes: Gray Skin: White Languages: Latin, Jashu, Ailish


Character Description

Sophia is a beautiful young woman, not too tall, slender with long legs. Her hair is shoulder length, straight naturally violet. Gray eyes are uncommon for Asher, but not unheard of. Even in times of poor health can a smile be seen on her face. Only when in battle or dealing with other serious matters does the vanish, and a menacing frown most would says stains her beautiful face. She isn’t flat either by any means, and isn’t afraid to allow her clothes to show it.

Sophia owns a pair of beautiful White Steel of Shivat daggers. Perfectly balance, with intricate carvings of vines with roses and thorns all along the blade. The carvings are so well-made that blood flows through them, turning the roses red and keeping the blood away from the hilt. She calls them her White Roses, though not part of a set.


Sophia was born to Cassandra and Alexander, a normal working middle class family in the town of Eustace in Ilmora. Sadly upon Sophia’s birth, her mother died due to complications. Over the years, Sophia and her father lived together happily, Sophia growing up into a beautiful young girl. She did however, notice over the years that her fathers health continued to slowly decline.

It was only a few months after Sophia’s 16th year that her father Alexander passed away. Being his only living relative, Sophia took this as an opportunity to see more of the world. She sold nearly all of her newly acquired possessions, and left Ilmora behind her.

It was only recently that Sophia’s travels brought her to Gabriel. She’s felt drawn there for reasons she cannot explain. She’ll never admit it but the dreams, or rather nightmares she’s been have really bother her.

Sophia Synanceia(Deceased)

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