Summoner, Level 8, Size 15, Appearance 6
Life Points 150, Regeneration 3, Movement Value 4, Fatigue 8

Str: 7 Dex: 7 Agi: 4 Con: 8 Pow: 14 Int: 9 Wp: 11 Per: 9
PhR: 75 MR: 90 PsR: 85 VR: 75 DR: 75

Initiative: 80 Unarmed
Attack Ability: Non-existant
Defence Ability: 0
Damage: Haha
AT: Nope

MK: 80 (70 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Inhumanity
Ki (Accum)): Str:7(1) Dex:7(1) Agi:4(1) Con:8(1) Pow:18(3) Wp:12(2)

Advantages/Disadvantages: The Gift (2 CP), Superior Magic Recovery (3CP),+1 to Characteristic (1CP/Atrophied Limb: Left Leg (1CP), -2 to Characteristic (1CP), Feeble (1CP)

Background advantages/Disadvantages: Artifact (3CP)/Pariah (1CP),Powerful Enemy (2CP)

Primary Abilities: Summon 232, Control 350, Bind 270, Banish 195

Secondary Abilities: Composure 80,M. Appraisal 95, Occult 380, Persuasion 85

Possessions: Grimoire of Otherworldy Beings
Sex: Male Age: 40 Height: 5’6" Weight: 140 Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Tan Languages: Yamoto, Yamoto-Shu, Latin


Shun-Yu was born to a peasent family in Lannet near the border with Shivat. Growing he would sometimes see travelers from the foreign country. They would be young men like himself, obviously poor but with weapons and they appeared to not care about their station in life. Shun-Yu dedicated his realy life to learning the language of the rival country (in secret to avoid punishment). Eventually through conversation with foreigners Shun-Yu learned that it was not possible to get high above ones lot in life it was possible to at least gain recognition and fame. Shun-Yu broached the subject with his family and was told to never bring speak like that again. However Shun-Yu would not drop the subject and was banished from his village. Wandering the wilderness on his own Shun-Yu was starved and near death when a landslide crushed his leg against a mountain side. Saved from death by a hermit Shun-Yu was nursed back to life, although his leg would never fully recover. The hermit was a rogue summoner from Shivat, he took Shun-Yu in and taught him as his apprentice. That was 30 years ago, Shun-Yu lives alone now save for his summoned beings, reading omens and passing the time.


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