Level 5 Female Asher Assassin.
20 Years of age, long blue hair, with grey eyes standing 5’11" and 155 lbs. (A stunning 10)

Agi: 9 (10) Fatigue: 8
Con: 8 (10) Movement: 9
Dex: 12 (20) Initiative: 115 (Shortsword), 120 (Stiletto)
Str: 9 (10) Life Points: 135
Int: 9 (10)
Per: 9 (10) Wear Armor: 10
Pow: 8 (10) Armor: Leather – Cut:1, Imp: 0, Thr:2, Heat:1, Ele:2, Cold:1, Ene:0
WP: 8 (10) Hood – Cut:1, Imp: 0, Thr:2, Heat:1, Ele:3, Cold:1, Ene:0

Attack: 175 Dodge: 125
Short Sword – 60 Damage (Precision)
Stilleto – 45 Damage (Precision, Throwing)

Acrobatics: 15
Athleticism: 15
Climb: 15
Jump: 15
Ride: 15
Composure: 65
Notice: 65
Search: 65
Memorize: 20
Persuasion: 45 (105 vs. Men)
Style: 20
Disguise: 75
Hide: 120
Lock Picking: 75
Poisons: 160
Theft: 75
Stealth: 160
Trap Lore: 115
Dance: 30
Sleight of Hand: 40
Trading: 15
Streetwise: 15 (55 in Cheville)
Etiquette: 15

Resistances: Advantages: Charm (1), Seducer (1), Night Vision (1),
Physical – 60 Natural Learner Subterfuge (3)
Disease – 60 Disadvantages: Vulnerable to Pain (1), Easily Possessed (1), Deep Sleeper (1)
Poison – 60
Magic – 60
Psychic – 60

Ki: 100/100 Modules: Similar Weapons (Shortsword/Stilleto)
Use of Ki
Weight Elimination
Presence Extrusion
Aura Extension

Inventory: Money: 7 Gold
Leather Armor
Leather Hood
Short Sword
Good Lingerie
Good Dress
Horse (white)
30ft Good Rope
1 Lockpick
Good Perfume


Lillith Nihtscada was orphaned at an early age, left on the doorstep of one Marquis Gregor Halmeister. With great curiosity in the blue haired child and perhaps a small amount of care in his heart, he helped get the young girl through her younger years raising her in his home through to her late teens. Lillith left the Marquis’ estate after suspicions rose about her threatening Halmeister’s reputation. Appreciating all that the Marquis had done for her without any way to pay him back for his generosity she began to work in his employ as a “consultant” to his competitors, ensuring positive returns for Gregor. Due to her charms, Lillith has always found men easily persuaded into seeing things her way, and while living in Gregor’s care she had developed aptitude in the art of subterfuge to keep prying eyes away from her “father” and his endeavours. Lillith’s abilities are most effective in the dead of night where she can use stealth to achieve her goals and would do anything to protect the man who raised her as he is her only family and only friend.


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