Saluin was a higher ranking member of the Order of Yehudah. An elderly man that holds no love for large cities filled stupid and worthless members of humanity, he dwelled within a tower along the coast of the Deep Lake in Helenia. Any villagers that stumbled upon his tower were added to his source of experimental subjects.

Disgusted by the poor performance and failings of The Hands of Tarnished Souls, Saluin arrived in Farna to berate, tear down, and then use for his own purposes Zelna and The Tarnished Daughter. Also appalled at the fact that a mere group of adventurers could stand against him, Saluin detonated a large firball centred on the tavern that the adventurers were staying at, destroying it, injuring them, and killing many innocent civilians. The party therefore went in search of Saluin in order to get vengeance.

Within Saluin’s tower several hardships and battles greeted the adventurers, and it resulted in the the death of one of their own. Reaching the pinnacle of the tower, the adventurers faced the old magus himself, and in a large battle were able to strike him down.

Now, under new management, there are those that call Saluin’s old domain Jormangander’s Tower…


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