Lord Gui Montbert


Lord Gui Montbert is a lesser noble in Gabriel who made his fortune in the acquisition and trading of rare spices from the Al-Enneth Principalities. Thanks to his success he was able to purchase a noble title, and purchased a villa in the city of La Roche. He lived happily for years with his wife Elise, but after four years in Gabriel Elise passed, and his happiness began to suffer.

Currently Gui Montbert is a man of 48 years of age, with greying black hair and sad grey eyes. There are many wrinkles across his face suggesting a hard life. He is straight forward and down to the point, and prefers to not deal with fools. He doesn’t go out very often anymore.

Now he focuses on business, and attempts to find a way to grant Elise’s final wish which he refuses to tell anyone. Now his major worry is his son Francisco. This 18 year old, blonde hair and blue eyed dynamo of a young man has made a reputation for himself in the seedier company of La Roche, drinking, gambling, and womanizing. He hasn’t gotten himself into serious trouble yet, but with the amount of money that he has gotten from his father, Gui knows it is only a matter of time.

Hiring Jormangander has been a great relief to Gui, as it has allowed him to have faith that Francisco will be kept out of too much trouble. He knows that Jormangander will move on, and he senses that it will probably be sooner rather then later, but for now there is some relief to his fatigue and worry.

Lord Gui Montbert

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