Kamist Rall


A summoner who’s grand scheme was stopped by Lynn and the rest of the Hoenheim family. Now consumed by the desire for revenge at the young woman that received sainthood by interfering with his plan, Kamist Rall uses his considerable summoning powers to attempt to destroy Lynn and all that she love.

So far his attacks have been subtle, a spiritual bird of misfortune, a succubus attempting to hire mercenaries to get vengeance for some contrived affront. But Lynn still remembers the great beast of flame that her family had to repel to save several villages in Golgados, as well as the fact that that creature was anything but subtle…

The party have determined Kamist Rall to be a great threat to them, and so attempt to find what information they can about his possible whereabouts so that they can put him out of their misery. The searches performed by Anya’s homunculi have turned up a possible lead, a scorched mansion in one of Ilmora’s forests, reeking of powerful and dark magic…

Kamist Rall

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