Jormangander (Deceased)


Dark Paladin, Level 6, Size 15, Appearance 6
Life Points 225, Regeneration 3, Movement Value 7, Fatigue 13

Str: 11 Dex: 10 Agi: 7 Con: 10 Pow: 7 Int: 6 Wp: 5 Per: 7
PhR: 70 MR: 60 PsR: 55 VR: 70 DR: 70

Initiative: 80 Great Warhammer
Attack Ability: 210 Great Warhammer
Defence Ability: 130 block
Damage: 150 Great Warhammer(two-handed), 130 Great Warhammer (one handed)
AT: Cut:7 Impact:5 Thrust:4 Heat:5 Elec:3 Cold:4 Ene:1

MK: 130 (130 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Prescense Extrusion, Aura Extension, Increased Speed, Increased Damage, Elemental attack – Earth, Use of Necessary Energy, Inhumanity
Ki (Accum)): Str:12(2) Dex:10(2) Agi:7(1) Con:10(2) Pow:7(1) Wp:5(1)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Disquieting (1 CP), Quick reflexes (1CP),Natural Armor (1CP), Uncommon Size (1CP), Starting Wealth (1CP), Untiring (1CP)/Exclusive Weapon: Great Warhammer (1CP), Insufferable (1CP), Vulnerable to Heat (1CP)

Background advantages/Disadvantages Culteral Roots (1CP), Been Around (2CP)/Code of conduct (1CP), Dirty little Secret (1CP), Powerful Enemy (1CP)

Primary Abilities: Throwing Module, Defense Against Projectiles Module, Two Weapon Defensive Style, Wear Armour 50

Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 20, Athletisicm 30, Climb 25, Jump 40, Composure 80, Feats of Strength 150, Withstand Pain 95, Notice 80, Track 60, Intimidate 110

Possessions: 2 +5 Great Warhammers, +5 Chainmail, Casque(helmet), Mask of Destined Betrayl
Sex: Male Race: Norne Age: 30 Height: 5’4" Weight: 140 Hair: Blonde Eyes: Blue Skin: White Languages: Arkes, Latin

Jormangander is the eldest son of Jorke Toov, leader of a nomadic tribe from the barren north of Haufmen. He was brought up as any Haufman tribesman, with a strong code of honour and the strength of conviction to follow it. Hunting from a young age he quickly learned the importance of strength in the barren north and dedicated his life to improving his prowess in battle and the hunt. Though he stands a meer 5’ 4" he can fight with the best and doesn’t hesitate to do so. Relishing in combat Jormangander never flinches from a challenge and never backs down, to do so would sully his honour and break the code he has been brought up by. When Jormangander was only 29 his father was wounded by a beast during a hunt, though Jormangander managed to slay the animal it was too late to save his father who shortly thereafter passed away. This left Jormangander in charge of his tribe, and though he was young none questioned his power of leadership. However, shortly after this incident Jormangander started having strange dreams, some would call them visions. The visions haunted his sleep and would not leave him. Seeking the aide of Grimnor the tribes healer, Jormangander swore him to secrecy and revealed his trouble in the hope the healer could help rid him of the troubling dreams. Grimnor said there was nothing he could do to help, dissapointed Jormangander returned to nights of half-broken sleep. however Grimnor broke his oath and revealed Jormanganders plight to others in the tribe who began to question his ability. Learning this Jormangander challenged him to the Trial of Holst as he had been unfaithful to his word. It was a short trial, Jormangander tracked down Grimnor and killed him easily. He then took all his belongings, left the leadership of his tribe to his younger brother Leif and set off to rid himself of the visions, learn of the world and return to his people a true leader.

Jormangander (Deceased)

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