Innkeeper Giles


Innkeeper Giles runs the Slumbering Sheep Inn on Grevens Boulevard in La Roche, Gabriel. He was once a soldier for the Holy Sacred Empire, and after his service he had enough money to open up an inn in Gabriel. He enjoys running the establishment, but is sick and tired of all the politics of Gabriel. Being on Grevens Boulevard has caused a great strain on his finances, with his only real method of staying in business has been taking bribes from Francisco Montbert in order to contact him if there are any beautiful women staying in the inn. Francisco has even permanently booked one of the upper floor suites so that he always has a “love nest” in order to work his magic on any fair maidens.

Giles is in his mid-40’s, with greying blonde hair and green eyes. He has an accent that speaks of sophistication and wit, but his words carry the sharp edge of a soldier. He wishes to travel to another principality with slightly fewer politics involved with the innkeeping business, but needs to make a large sum of money to be able to have the startup funds for another inn. The payments from Francisco Montbert are helping towards that end, but it certainly leaves a bad taste in his mouth. Blasted politics…


Innkeeper Giles

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