Level 6 Ebudan Nephilim Technician, Size 18, Appearance 7
Life Points 145, Regeneration 2+1, Movement Value 7, Fatigue 8

Str: 10 Dex: 10 Agi: 7 Con: 8 Pow: 12 Int: 5 Wp: 10 Per: 6
PhR: 75 MR: 75 PsR: 70 VR: 65 DR: 65

Initiative: 100-15 (85) Tai Chi
Attack Ability: 190 Tai Chi
Defence Ability: 140 Dodge
Damage: 90 (Double Power bonus + 20) 20 Impact or Fire +10 Gloves
AT: Cut: 3
4 Impact:3+4 Thrust:3+4 Heat:3+4 Elec:3+4 Cold:3+4 Ene:4(6)

MK: 330 (285 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Ki Detection, Erudition, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armor, Greater, Arcane, Aura Extension, Elemental Attack, Increased Damage, Increased Speed, Use of Necessary Energy, Elimination of Necessities, Physical Dominion, Inhumanity, Custodium.
Ki (Accum)): Str:30(7) Dex:10(5) Agi:7(3) Con:8(3) Pow:14(5) WP:10(4)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Ki Recovery (2) +2, Total Accumulation +2, Learning (1) +1, Artifact (3) +3. Deep Sleeper -1, Easily Possessed -1, Vulnerable to Cold -1, Powerful Tol Rauku Enemy (2) -2.

Primary Abilities: Tai Chi (Advanced)
Lvl 1 Technique: Inner Fire – +50 Damage, Elemental attack fire, Maintained.

Secondary Abilities: Composure 120, Notice 100, Sciences (Philosophy) 84, Leadership 160, Persuasion 90, Style 113, Ki detection 265.

Possessions: Arm wraps, black gui pants, tabi, silk belt, Guilded Cloak of Leadership, Phoenix Pendant, Brown Cloak, Black Cloak, Tycho’s Horns and No-Dachi, Jormanganders Mask, Phoenix book, The Tower of Jorm, Crystal Chalice, A lot of Debts with variable compounding inerest :p.

Sex: Male Race: Norne Age: 28 Height: 6’2" Weight: 220lbs Hair: Shoulder Length, Red Eyes: Pale Amber, Skin: White, Languages: Latin


An Ebudan Nephilim who lived in the Lucille Mountains by himself, Fenix is a man who understands the natural order of things and believes that everything in Gaia has a purpose. Twenty five years ago the Tol Rauku, whilst searching the Gabrielese countryside, found in the town of Ourges a boy to be in possession of an Ebuderian Soul. But before they were able to bring the toddler back across the Inner Sea to their fortress, his mother stole away with him fleeing to the Lucille mountain range. There she hid from the Tol Rauku and proceeded to raise her son Fenix alone with the occaisional aid from the Astria Academy as well as the mining settlements that dotted the mountains. Living in a mountain range however is not the safest of places however and seven years later, Fenix’s mother came down with a sickness that stole her health not to return it. Fenix took it upon himself to take care of his mother during her final day on Gaia, and seeing the boy come to her aid in her time of need brought his mother to tears. In her last moments alive she thanked her son for all that he had done for her. She told the young Fenix how proud she was of his character and that she knew that one day he would achieve greatness. After his mother’s passing Fenix stayed in the mountains for a time before discovering civilization again. During his stay in the mountain range bordering Moth and Gabriel he watched natures cycle of life, death, and growth and he took this fact of nature to heart developed his mentality. While rough on the outside, due to his lack of human contact during his early years, Fenix bears a good will towards most people of the world but he does find a certain irritation when it comes to the way society conducts itself. Hypocrisy, greed, and the parasitic are the things Fenix detests the most because as he sees it, in nature, such things are to be abhorred and would be swiftly dealt with through the natural order of things.


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