Example Character

An example of the format that I will use to represent all of my NPC's in the campaign.

Kinzaro Sita of Moonless Water

Shadow, Level 15, Size 20, Appearance 7
Life Points 215, Regeneration 3, Movement Value 10, Fatigue 10

Str: 10 Dex: 10 Agi: 10 Con: 10 Pow: 9 Int: 6 Wp: 6 Per: 6
PhR: 115 MR: 110 PsR: 105 VR: 115 DR: 115

Initiative: 215 +10 Claws, 230 +20 Tanto, 210 Stiletto
Attack Ability: 275/265 +10 Claws, 285 +20 Tanto, 265 Stiletto
Defence Ability: 264 Dodge
Damage: 65 +15 Claws, 95 +20 Tanto, 40 Stiletto
AT: Cut:4(7) Impact:4(7) Thrust:4(7) Heat:4(6) Elec:4(2) Cold:4(6) Ene:2(6)

MK: 375 (370 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Ki, Ki Control, Weight Elimination, Presence Extrusion, Energy Armour, Aura Extension, Use of Necessary Energy, Ki Concealment, Elimination of Necessities, Inhumanity
Ki (Accum)): Str:20(5) Dex:20(5) Agi:20(5) Con:20(5) Pow:20(5) Wp:20(5)
Ki Techniques:

  1. Dark Tides’ Embrace
    Level: 1 MK: 30
    Dex:5(?) Con:6(?) Pow:3(?) Wp:3(?)
    With unleashing this technique the user wraps him/herself within a cocoon of dark water that increases their capabilities to avoid attacks for as long as the shield of water is capable of absorbing damage and being splashed around. This technique increases their defensive capabilities, protects them, and soaks up the pain for them.
    Effects: Energy Shield 400 LP, Limited Dodge Ability 75, Maintenance
    Disadvantages: Elemental Binding (Water and Darkness)
    Type: Turn
  1. Scouring Wave
    Level: 1 MK: 20
    Dex:5 Pow:4 Wp:3
    With the unleashing of this technique, a lashing cable of water is hurled forth from his/her arms, hurtling through the air towards its target. This technique allows for a ranged attack up to a distance of 100 feet, while increasing the user’s attack capabilities in the process.
    Effects: Long-Distance Attack 100 feet, Attack Ability 50 (Single)
    Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Water and Darkness)
    Type: Attack
  1. Illusions Dancing Atop The Lake
    Level: 2 MK: 55
    Dex:7(?) Agi:7(?) Pow:5(?) Wp:6(?)
    Upon the execution of this technique, the user splits into 16 nearly-indistinguishable forms, capable of travelling through solid objects. They are used to either escape from a desperate situation, or to gain a better better attack angle or position against their enemies.
    Effects: 15 Mirages with Non-Detection (Nearly Impossible), Intangibility, Maintained
    Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Water and Darkness)
    Type: Turn
  1. Caress of the Dark Tides
    Level: 2 MK: 40
    Str:5 Dex:7 Con:5 Pow:7 Wp:7
    When striking an enemy with this technique, the user unleashes its power to wrap the target in a cocoon of suffocating water that attempts to engulf them. The target must pass a Physical Resistance check with a difficulty of 140 or else lose a number of life points equal to their failure level, which the technique user absorb. Because it is water, armour provides nearly no protection against this attack.
    Effects: States Life Drain PhR 140, Armour Destruction -5 AT
    Disadvantage: Elemental Binding (Water and Darkness)
    Type: Attack
  1. Dark Tide Tsunami
    Level: 3 MK: 65
    Dex:10 Agi:10 Con:7 Pow:8 Wp:7
    The trademark and dreaded technique of Kinzaro Sita has only been reportedly used twice. This technique is used when his enemies are preventing any other use for elimination. On both instances, the locations surrounding the target have vanished in the blink of an eye, and no survivors were reported except for Kinzaro Sita, and he doesn’t discuss what it did.
    Effects: 3 Mile Radius Area Attack, Plus 100 Attack Ability (Single), Energy Damaging Attack
    Disadvantages: Predetermination, Elemental Binding (Water and Darkness)

Advantages/Disadvantages: Ambidextrous (1 CP), Disquieting (1 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Ninja Module, Wear Armour 15
Secondary Abilities: Acrobatics 55, Composure 40, Feats of Strength 55, Withstand Pain 40, Notice 125, Search 125, Medicine 30, Intimidate 55, Style 100, Hide 225, Stealth 260, Trap Lore 30, Ki Concealment 382

Possessions: 2 +10 white steel of Shivat claws, +20 Dark Water Silver Tanto, 50 Stilletos, +10 Hardened Leather, +10 White Steel of Shivat Mask (Great Helm), Luxury Gloves, Luxury Pants, Luxury Coat, Luxury Men’s Underwear, Luxury Belt, Luxury Walking Boots.

Sex: Male Race: Shivat Age: 29 Height: 6’6" Weight: 245 Hair: White Eyes: Black Skin: Olive Languages: Yamato Shu, Latin, Jashu


Born in Shivat and trained in their highest arts. Reached a level of skill like few, if any before him. Left in search of greater challenges, and reached the City of Free Trade Americh. He soon gained a reputation for being ruthless, and has become one of its most famed assassins. He accepted only the most difficult of contracts, seeking ever more power. His path for power resulted in him reaching Eljared’s Halls of Infinite Dreams. Within, he found a foe that he could not defeat, and who let him live and stay. He now waits within the Halls, hoping to meet her again, and it is no longer only power that he now seeks…

Example Character

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