Baby Blue (Deceased)

A beautiful, magical healer whose charm and kindness warms everyone around him


Agility: 9
Constitution: 6
Dexterity: 8
Strength 4
Intelligence: 11
Perception: 5
Power: 9
Willpower: 9

Movement: 105
Initiative: 70
Life Points 115
Wear Armor 0
Magic Accumulation 40
Magic Projection 115
Zeon 570

The Gift, Superior Magic Recovery 1, Natural Magic – Water
Bad Luck

Paths: Water – 42, Creation – 73
Free Access Spells:
Move Objects/Tie
Slippery Area/Enchant
Net/Magical Projection
Invoke Aggressiveness/Extend Presence
Cause Sickness
Acid Cloud
Body to Magic

Secondary Abilities Spent Points:
Appraisal – 10
Magic Appraisal – 60 + Class Skills – 20
Medicine – 50
Occult – 50 + Class Skills – 10


A hideous, obese, disgusting creature who was blessed with the abilities to heal others. Fortunately, his divine gift allows him to maintain an attractive appearance. Captured years ago by a band of living terrors, he was forced to heal his captors as a slave. Eventually released by a band of roaming warriors, he now uses his spells to heal his allies in combat.

Baby Blue (Deceased)

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