Andrei Vlas


Andrei Vlas, the Grave Reaper of Galgados
Level 7+1 Beast-Blood Asher Warrior, Size 17, Appearance 2
Life Points 225, Regeneration 8, Movement Value 9, Fatigue 9

Str: 14 Dex: 11 Agi: 9 Con: 9 Pow: 7 Int: 7 Wp: 8 Per: 6
PhR: 90 MR: 85 PsR: 90 VR: 90 DR: 90

Initiative: 60 Zanxael( +5 Grosse Messer )
Attack Ability: 210 Zanxael( +5 Grosse Messer )
Defence Ability: 200 Block
Damage: 110 Zanxael, 135 if Two-Handed
AT: Cut:7(4) Impact:7(4) Thrust:7(4) Heat:7(4) Elec:7(4) Cold:7(4) Ene:0(0)

MK: 265 (250 Spent)
Ki Abilities: Use of Nemesis, Armor of Emptiness, Noht, Body of Emptiness, Inhuman, Emptiness Extrusion, No Needs, Essence of Emptiness
Ki (Accum): Str:18+1(2) Dex:12(2) Agi:9+2(1) Con:9+2(1) Pow:7+3(1) Wp:8+2(1)
Ki Techniques: N/A

Advantages/Disadvantages: Blood of the Great Beasts (3 CP), See Supernatural (1 CP), Martial Mastery (1 CP), Ki Recovery (1 CP) / Bad Luck (1 CP), Exclusive Weapon(Grosse Messer) (1 CP), Unattractive (1 CP)

Primary Abilities: Grosse Messer Module, Wear Armour 80
Arcs Magnus - Transformation: Eliodon

Secondary Abilities: Athleticism 60, Jump 30, Feats of Strength 120, Withstand Pain 15, Notice 70, Track 70, Intimidate 45, Art(Cook) 70
Possessions: Zanxael, Demon’s Cleaver(+5 Grosse Messer), +5 Hardened Leather, GQ Walking Boots x2, Gloves, GQ Gloves, Men’s Underwear x4, GQ Broad-brimmed Hat x2, Belt x2, Coat x2, Handkerchief x2, Pants x3, Shirt x3, Cloak, Backpack, Large Sack, Flint + Tinder, Waterskin x3, Blanket x2, GQ Shovel, “Taiko’s Horns”, Demon full Helm, Jormangander’s Mask

Sex: Male Race: Asher Age: 25 Height: 6’1" Weight: 352 Hair: None Eyes: Black Skin: Tanned Languages: Latin, Jashu


Character Description

Andrei stands just over six feet tall, weighing around 350 pounds. He has no hair, eyes with only black irises. His skin is tanned from years of working outdoors, with hints of gray and patches of scales. A pair of small horns grow out of the sides of his forehead and his elbows are slightly spiky. Andrei generally wears brown pants, white shirt and black coat. He owns a good pair of boots, and broad-brimmed hat and belt. Andrei carries a shovel over his shoulder, with the large sack of his other belongings tied to it.

Andrei was given his sword Zanxael as a gift. Where a normal grosse messer has a single sharp edge, Zanxael’s edge looks jagged and unkept. The length is stained with so much blood it’s difficult to tell what metal the sword is made of. The blood cannot be removed, in fact Zanxael seems to keep the stains as trophies. Any blood spilled by the weapon which splashes onto the blade can never be removed, and the wounds it causes are terrifying.


Andrei was born in Moth, outside the village of Durgabenh cemetery, where his family lived for centuries. Growing up wasn’t easy for Andrei, but he had his grandfather and mother to help him. From a young age Andrei has been ‘different’ looking, unlike other children. Luckily for his family however, he’s always been a good worker. At age 6 he was strong enough to start helping with the grave digging, and took over for his mother at age 10.

Time passed, and things stayed the same for 5 years. On Andrei’s 15th birthday, his mother gave him Zanxael, telling Andrei his father wanted him to have it when he was old enough. Andrei practiced with the sword as often as he could while still doing his work as the town grave digger. Once Andrei’s 21th year rolled around, a building feeling of anxiety spurned his to leave home in Moth and go on a journey.

Andrei hasn’t really had an end destination in mind for his ‘journey’, he’s simply been drifting from place to place, aiding other grave diggers along the way. Due to the nature of the job, most grave diggers don’t mind his differences due to how much help he is, and how lonely the job can be.

Andrei Vlas

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