Influence From The Shadows

Paths Through True Fate

A Journey in Darkness To Search for the Light

• SY has his kudzu’s release the Mirror Guardian, then send his kudzus and one guardian back to his grimoire. Mirror Guardian hopes that the mirror answered your question satisfactorily. They don’t like the answer, but have no better options, so SY progresses forward and opens the door.
• They find themselves in the Forest of Proud Beasts (70), pines surrounding all of them. They all hear the sounds of the great beasts around them. SY tells his eye to send him visions should anything get within 100 feet of them. L “So, which way to the next door?” They all look around. SY “Normally, the new door is more or less straight ahead from the first one.” H “True.” They begin traveling forwards. S preps an arrow, L asks F if she can use an Area around him, he says yes and she tries to cast it but has the energies terribly rebuff around her, and with the terrible amount of psychic energy and collapses. S checks her, sees that she is still alive, but doesn’t think that she is breathing, although the others can see that she is breathing. H tells SY that a column of energy went from her brain, uses his grimoire to determine that she attempted to use powers beyond her powers and suffered for it. He doesn’t know if she will awaken. They wonder whether to bring her with or leave her to die, H asks if SY can have a guardian carry her, so he brings out his other guardian to carry her. They then find 40 wolves moving in on them, so SY releases his snakes to try and reach the door.
• The guardians prepare, S fires two arrows to kill two of the wolves. SY moves behind his guardians. H moves over to the wolves, unleashing a pair of area attacks, killing 3 with the first and one with the second. SY feels a snap as one of his snakes is devoured by something. SY tells his other snake to veer around. F uses an Area Atttack after firing of his Ki technique and kills 8 with the first attack, and then with a second attack kills another 4. Andrei moves in and Area attacks the wolves, killing 3 wolves with his first swing, and then he begins to transform. The wolves break and flee. H, and F hear thunder, while SY and Shadow see the pair of Tyrannosaurus Rexes that are charging towards them, bits of mystical snake hanging out of one of their mouths. The guardians and kudzu’s wait for impact. S fires a pair of arrows at the T. Rex on the left, the first one merely sticking in its hide, the second harming it enough to make it unleash a savage roar. A finishes his transformation, waiting for them to arrive. The pair of T Rexes charge Andrei bringing their great maws down upon him, the first clamping around him without harm, the second takes a great bloody chunk out of him, the right arm, dropping him unconscious. Kudzus go to attack the ones that hasn’t been peppered with arrows yet, binding it with Partial Paralysis, and the second one Completely Paralysed the T Rex and causing it to fall upon Andrei without damage. F and H charge, H using her sash to use heat strikes against them, striking both solidly, then moves behind SY guardians as they step forward. F attacks the standing T Rex after charging and putting a solid fiery blow into it. One Guardian stands between the two T Rexes, the one carrying Lynn. The weaker grasping kudzu attempts to increase its complete grasping grip to completely paralyze it once more. H area attacks once more hitting the first one with a solid hit, and hitting the paralyzed one solidly as well, the back behind the standing one. F attacks the standing T Rex twice, solidly the first time and very heavily the second time. S fires on the standing T Rex, hitting it solidly with his bow. The T Rex attempts to bite F, but one of the Guardians slaps away the snapping fangs. Then, his snake reaches the door.
• They find themselves at the Exit to Preta Gati (100), with the T Rex that was fully bound still within the grasp of the of his Kudzus. SY makes an occult check on the T Rex, realisezes that it isn’t supernatural and so can’t be controlled. SY then uses his grimoire to check on Andrei, realizes that somewhere in his bloodline there would have been mingling with a powerful demon. F and the two guardians eventually pull the T Rex from A. Seeing all the spirits, SY identifies the spirits as being on Preta-Gati, and that this is a bad place, but may be where they need to go. SY suggests it may be the exit that they need to take, but could also eat them. There is also a door behind them. F asks if SY has any chances on the odds of it being good, but he doesn’t . H “Jihamath has guided our feet this far.” F “Should we go forward, or back?” SY “This may be the way we need to go, or we may need to go back.” H “I think we should continue forward.” SY prepares to try and banish one for one minute. H gives water to L. F “What do you think you are doing? You know she is probably gone.” H “Taking care of her because she is my friend.” SY banishes one, to have it appear shortly behind again. S checks on L again, finds her breathing once more. SY tells them that he can’t banish them. H begins reading again. F Ki Detects, and senses that the energy of the barrier is completely different from the other energies here. SY “We could try to leave through the barrier. If the worst should happen you can hopefully walk back. Fenix first, vanishes, then S, and SY with his guardians carrying L and A, pulling back the kudzus just before stepping through. H runs through as she sees the T Rex standing back up.
• They find themselves in the cave where they were stored, numb, and with cuts on their hands. They realize they are not where they have been before. Andrei is sad that he couldn’t bury the bodies. They see the two other unconscious people in there. Noting the strange appearance, H asks if these are normal looking people, given the other strange appearances, and then they notice the SHinigami standing in the opening of the cave. Molach asks them to return to where they were, but they refuse politely. H “Are you sure politely is the right word?” SY “Yes.”
• Molach charges into their midst, attempting to attack SY, his first attack is stopped by a guardian, the second attack is also just stopped, and the third attack is mostly blocked so that it bleeds SY and harms the guardian. F waits for the others to act, and finds Viarla standing directly before him bringer her fan down to have it mostly deflected by the second guardian and lightly cutting the pair. S fires a good arrow at Viarla, the arrow stabs into her twister her around, blood pumping from her body. A begins transforming and swings at Molach, but the attack is casually knocked aside. The kudzu’s attempt to trap Molach, but easily knocks the first aside, easily knocking away the second as well, but the third attack slips through past his attention, partially paralyzing him, the second trapping attempt coming in but failing to get a firmer grasp. SY moves to the other side of his guardian. H then moves in order to unleash a pair of Area attacks against the Shinigami, but the first fails to harm either of them, with the second tears through Viarla’s left arm and killing her, and then also heavily striking a heavy blow upon Molach’s body. Tears flow from Molach’s fox mask as he sees his fallen love. H attacks Molach with her fists, spending some fatigue, failing to injure Molach. S fires an arrow into Molach, using a large deal of fatigue, greatly harming as the arrow drives through his mask and into his head to lead blood and tears flowing down. F lights himself on fire, uses fatigue, and swings in on Molach with his flaming fists to burst through his chest. The flaming body falls as the kudzu release it. The bodies of the shinigami remain on the floor.
• Taiko’s soul appears from the bag, thanks Fenix for freeing him and seeing that it appears his link to Tsukyomi has been severed and he may now be free to go where he wishes. Looks at Lynn sadly. S “Hey Taiko, look at the arrow in it’s head.” Taiko vanishes swiftly. Other souls flow from the bags in order to enter all of their bodies. A surge of strength and power flows into all of them. F searches the Shinigami’s remains, but finds nothing except their disturbing fused clothes. Andrei takes them outside to try and bury them, but finds himself on the side of a mountain surrounded by clouds. L wakes up, H notices and touches her arm, L “May I connect my senses to yours? Tap once for yes, twice for no.” H taps her arm once. L connects her senses to H and sits up. L “What happened?” H gives her the quick rundown, especially regarding this fight and that Taiko returned again. L “It was too bad that I couldn’t say goodbye again to him once more.” H “Once more?” L “I thought the first time would be more permanent.” L notes that Valkyrie is not here with her. F notes that it is very, very cold. L puts on a winter coat, as does H.
• L uses her powers and gives herself an energy shield, and then puts an Area centered on Fenix.
• They find a ledge, and a sheer drop above and below. They also notice that the other two are waking up. SY sends his kudzu’s to hide behind them, camoflauged. H attempts to talk to the two in Latin, then Yamato Shun, then Jashu. No responses. L tries Yamato, and the man responds, asking where they are and how they are free of the mansion. L tells him that they killed the shinigami. The man comments that he will miss his chamber, and then asks if he may leave. SY says that they do not intend to keep him there. He then asks how to get out if he could. SY offers to have one of his birds to carry him down if he would trust it. The man accepts and the bird carries him down and then returns. They ask what to do next, and what to do with the other woman. L and SY continue to talk in Yamato. H “Could you please talk in a language we all understand?” SY in latin “Sorry that we are speaking a heathen language.” Goes back to Yamato. They discuss what to do, Andrei points at the tall mountain, L suggests that they go up the tallest mountain. SY then goes through all their languages trying to offer her assistance, she ignores them. L offers her some food, eats some, leaves the bag. F Ki Detects the woman, doesn’t sense anything threatening about her, much weaker then them. F says she shouldn’t be a threat. H says she feels bad if they would lead them forward. SY then offers to leave a bird to fly and then they have their birds fly them up into the mountain. As they leave, they see that she stands beside the bird watching them, waves off the bird, then runs straight down the mountain. H “Seems there was more to her then we though.” F “No, she was just a weak little thing.” L gives F psychokinetic armour once more.
• They fly high up into the mountains, further and further into the sky. The weather continues to get colder and colder, frost eventually beginning to form on them as they soar upward in the grasp of the birds. Eventually the temperature increases just above freezing. They see the temple emerge before them finally seeing the garden and goats. They land, talk to Tori, who introduces herself as a guard the temple, and says that she cannot let them pass. She gives terms that they may fight, and if she wins she needs the help keeping her family line going. They agree, SY asks if there would be to the death. Tori “I would merely not be able to stop you after. It need not be to the death.”
• SY moves the eyeball 40 ft. up and behind Tori. Hadiyaa charges while F and the summons wait and watch and a guardian moves up beside her, but Tori dodges her attack and unleashes her Dancing Flames in a counter attack, the guardian but the firey strike carves heavily into both the guardian and Hadiyaa with her dancing flaming blades. Andrei transforms and waits. The kudzu’s move in to try and attack her, the first is countered and in comes the ninja-to on the kudzu to strike it without harm. The second kudzu strikes her but she slips free of the first, but gets a solid grip with a partial paralysis, so the eye manifests and then uses a laser attack on her to cleave through her, and her left calf. Her corpse begins to cool as the temperature drops to its below freezing temperature. Both F and H growl and whimper in pain. The goats flee in terror. SY checks her for valuables, takes the sculpting tools, F takes the pair of ninja-to, and then Andrei begins to bury her.
• F grabs one of the feathers from the brazier as H attempts to warm herself but cannot. He enters the scorching condition and puts them back. L tries Organic Psychokinesis to grab one, is scorching so puts it back. H I see where this is going. H, F, SY, and L each grab one and put them in, scorching. F and H grab a second one, enter the state of burning, but realize that their protection to flame helps them some. They then grab a third feather, enter the In Flames state, and slot them in, while SY grabs a second and put them in. L then uses immunity to grant herself protection from fires, grabs the other three, enters Burning to Ashes, slots them in, the doors slide open, but the group finds themselves still on fire. They run into the halls, the fires continuing to lick at their flesh. H tries to drop and roll, but the fires continue. As they go forward, they find the Magister’s of Flame. They hold out their hand, quenching the flames. Andrei joins them after completing the burying of their corpses. The Magisters ask what they are doing here, echoing into their heads with their grand voices filling the party’s mind and the chamber around them. They inform them of what they are looking for. The party informs them of their desire to have her awakened so that they may ask her things. The Magisters are offended by this concept, of using the mistress for their own aims, and tell them to leave and it is not yet time for her to be awakened. They ask if they may look around the temple. The Magisters allow it. They discuss whether they should do. L suggests they mention The Azure Knight attempting to free Orochi. They say it, and the Magisters get very angry, discuss amoungst themselves, and ask the others if they believe they may deal with and resist all of the flame and wrath that will hover before them. The party says that they will do so. The Magisters open the gate below, and SY has his birds carry the party down into the deep descent.
• They go down for miles, twisting through the miles and miles, flying down for over 2 hours. They then find themselves in a massive chamber, a colossal egg of ruby and magma above the great pool of magma. From within the magma comes the threats and demanding voice of a fell beast, asking what they wish and intend to awaken Kagutsuchi for. When they say that they have in order to reach the truth about their dreams, and that a being calling himself a God instructed to that it would answer all of their questions. The Agni is furious that they intend to awaken his mistress in order to solve their own problems it bellows in rage and emerges in order to attempt to strike them down. Its great form increases the heat even more as the blades begin to emerge.
• H charges the Agni, punching it weakly, and the sash protects her from the fire. F charges Ki and then moves forward and attacks it lightly, his Ki powers protecting him from the flames. The Agni brings its flaming claws down upon F, who takes a glancing blow but no damage and resists the flames. SY sends his guardians to defend F and H. L uses a psychic assault with two pp, then hits it to crush the beasts mind beneath its powerful assault. A starts transforming, then walks over to try and attack it, hitting it well with his blade, but the flame lashes out to harm him also, scorching his tough hide. SY flips through his grimoire to try and learn more about it, (403), learns essentially all there is to know about it, tells them about its immunity to fire, can fly, and can unleash a grand blast of flame around it. He then has a bird pick him up to keep him about 80 feet away from the great creature. H attacks the creature, hurting it slightly and taking a bit of flame itself. F reroutes Ki into his Elemental Immunity Fire to grant him immense protection from fire. A finishes transforming and swings twice at the Agni, both hits taking a solid amount of damage and also resisting the flames that lick at his flesh. L mind controls the Agni, backs up and asks the others what to do now that it controls it. F tells her to have it break the chains. It flies over, freezes in place, and Agent Arturian gives a speech, kills the creature, and then insists that they will die to him.
• Agent Arturian flies over the group to attack L, sending four silver sashes upon her, the first failing, the second carving a solid slice from her, and the next two glancing off her skin with minor knicks. Arturian “You will bleed for me.” L “I already am.” SY sends out his kudzus on the stairs, and begins prepping a ritual to summon another guardian, and then sends his guardians to flank Arturian. H runs over to try and strike at him, but one of the sashes slaps away the strike without him even turning around to look at her. F charges Ki, charges to attack him, his armour soaking up the blow. A charges to try and smash his face in, the first attack is slapped away by a sash, the second is also batted away. Arturian attacks L again with four more sashes, the first searing into her shield, the second killing her by taking her left arm off, and the third and forth are used to mutilate her corpse in a shower of gore. Arturian “One.” The pair of guardians attack Arturian, but his sashes knock them aside casually. Andrei swings again, but the hit does not hurt him. The kudzus come in to try and trap Arturian, the first is slapped away, the second attack is slapped aside, the second kudzu attacks also, the first is knocked away, and the second attempts to trap him, and gets a minor paralysis, then the eye appears behind him and fires its laser, but Arturain sidesteps the attack. H unleashes her pair of attacks onto Arturian, the first dismissed without effort, the second also knocked aside without effort. F ignites his flames, but the attack is stopped. SY summons another guardian, and then also controls it. Arturian unleashes a pair of silver sashes to attack F, the first carving solidly into his flesh, the second carving into his right arm so that the blood flows and he is knocked unconscious at Arturian’s feet. L’s spirit moves towards the egg. The three guardians attack Arturian, the first is batted aside, the second is stopped by his armour, and the third is batted aside. The kudzu that hasn’t grabbed him tries to, the first grab batted aside as is the second, and the one that has it in his grasp tries to improve it, but he cannot better trap him, then unleashes an eye laser, but it is deflected. H attacks Arturian with fatigue, and manages to bruise his face lightly. SY prepares a ritual for another kudzu. A attacks Arturian, his blade carving heavily into his body, his blood flows and his eyes fill with hate. H sees an opening and tries to take it, hitting him solidly once more. Once again his suit moves on its own, and he murmers “Argent Silver Rain.” He attacks F, H, A, and S with his attack, nailing F body to the ground and killing him with his pain, S is able to dodge away from the attack, H dodges the attack as well, and A blocks the attack and counters with a large bonus, carving heavily into him with his attack in order to carve deeply into his flesh, but he shakes off the critical. The guardians swing their fists down once more, the second is soaked up by the armour, and the third is blocked also. The kudzu’s attempt to pin him, but both attempts are knocked aside, the other attempts to improve the trap but it doesn’t work. The souls of F and L both float over and touch the egg of kagutsuchi, and the egg sends out a wash of flame over them, the fires washing over them and pushing them backwards, the group is startled by the flames. SY summons up another kudzu plant before Arturian and controls it. One of the golems attempts to attack Arturian, who counters but is unable to harm the creature. Arturian attempts to rise into the air, carrying the kudzu with him, the guardians attacks are batted aside, the kudzu attempt to trap him once more, shaking free of the first attack, the one holding him more solidly, and H and A both bring their attacks to bear upon him, tearing into him and killing him, his silver armour begins to bubble, and L and F’s souls touch the egg once more.

Copyright © 2012 by Jeremy Marshall



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