Influence From The Shadows

Liberation of Power

Souls and Powers Surge Beneath the Sun

• November 14th, 9:00 pm.
• During the night, Andrei, Fenix, and Lynn spot an older, skinny and cane bearing Ryuan hobbling and seven human sized birds flying down towards their small resting place in the mountains. A draws his weapon. Hadiyya and Shadow are clutched in the talons of two of the birds. F ki detects, says that the other man is about their power level, that he is intrigued. F “Hold up, we might not have to fight this guy.” L “Which would be good, since we haven’t really recovered.” Speaking in Yamato, Shen-Yu says “I found these two, do you know them?” gestures with his cane. L “Yes, they are our companions.” SY “I found them drifting in the water off shore. I saved them.” L “Ah, so that’s what happened to them. Do you speak anything other then Yamato.” Switching to latin SY “I can speak lating.” F “Good.” SY “I had a vision that there were six strangers arising on this island. There are not six of you I see.” F “One of them fell.” L “We had an encounter with one of our past party members.” F gives her a dirty look. SY “How might I assist you?” F “Why?” SY “May I not simply wish to help people?” L “It is very strange for people to wish to help us.” SY “If you do not want my help, I may return to my mountains.” F “We could use your help. Where are you from? Do you know these mountains well?” SY “Different mountains.” F “Well then, you may stay with us. We can always use an extra set of eyes.” SY “Just one eye.” F “What?” SY “Just one eye to guard watch.” Makes his eye manifest so that they may see it. SY “Now we may rest so that we can recover.” They sleep.
• They all wake up the next day. F “We never did get your name.” SY “Shun-Yu.” The group all introduce themselves. H asks where J is. F and L beat around the bush, saying that he left, never came back, not of his free will, do to another old companion they had not expected to see. A “Taiko.” S “What?!” F “Taiko killed Jormangander in combat and the rest of us had to flee.” S “What happened.” F and L describe what happened and what they fought. Using his grimoire, SY tells them that the creatures were Gandalfhon and Aooni. F “You have some use, don’t you?” SY “I am knowledgable in the supernatural.” F “Well then, you may stay with us for a while.” SY “I may take you up on that offer.” F “I don’t think we should really go back in the direction that we were going.” L “I agree.” A “I think that we should bury Jormangander.” S “I agree, he earned that much.” H “So you want to go back to where we were last attacked?” F “We could stay at least off the road.” SY “If we run into these demons again, I could send them away if you were to give me time to prepare.” L “How much time?” SY “A day.” L “I don’t think they’ll give us that long.” SY “I am saying that if you expect to fight them again lure them to us so that I may banish them.” F “Fine.” H “So, am I the only one that thinks this is pointless? The soul has left the body and gone to its punishment.” L “He wants to bury the body.” H sighs. S “At least this time we aren’t burning an entire library to remove the corpse.” H “Who burned an entire library?!” F “Taiko.” H eyes fill with hatred.
• They travel down the road, SY sending his eye out 200 ft. in front of them, returning should it sense anything. S takes the string off his bow due to water damage, and brings out his Sang Kauw. SY has his birds fly above, and his two mystic serpents within their clothes. F and SY discuss the lack of time and preparation for banishing the creatures, and what else they could do, SY promises that he has other things to do. S “Perhaps, since he hasn’t seen me yet I shall hide so that they may attempt to avoid detection so that I may take them by surprise.” F “A good idea.” S uses Ki Concealment and begins to vanish. H says she will tear out Taiko’s teeth with her throat. The others say what kind of a man he is, and what happened, and L says that it looks like ‘she’ had her way with him, F “She?” L says Tsukiyomi, the others and SY realize just who this is and how bad it could be. They find J splattered remains, and that there are also 12 black butterflies flying over him. F puts the arm with the rest of him. A begins digging a hole, SY comments that this will make things even easier to banish the spirits. They notice the world go dark, and the Aooni and Taiko reappear, SY summons all his creatures, and T charges a round of Magnum.
• S charges T with his Sang Kauw drawn and attacks Taiko, parting through his armour and stabbing at him, but the Box of Noah activates, sends time back a few moments, and so a near fatal attack is instead turned into a solid hit through the armour. Taiko’s sword continues to charge Magnum, and he then attacks Shadow, caring into him solidly. SY begins preparing for to banish the pair of Aooni, and waits looking up. One of his birds flies up and raises him into the air, leaving his snakes on the ground where he was. F charges Ki, eyes up the Oni to see that there are still little clouds over them, and then charges the slightly injured looking Oni, hitting it solidly with his fists. SY eyeball follows him into the air. L uses Psychic Assault on the Oni not fighting F, slightly weakening its resistance. H yells, “Is that Taiko?” F and L “Yes!” H charges, with one of SY rocky bodyguards standing beside her (The other bodyguard goes to stand beside F), and then solidly hits Taiko through his armour. SY sends his Kudzu’s against the two Oni, the one that was fighting F breaks free of its vines, and the other gets a slight grip and minorly paralyzes it. As the K attempt to Disarm their Oni, the one fighting F keeps its weapon, the other also keeps its weapon. The Aooni then go next, the one attacking F has the bodyguard block and counter in order to only hurt it slightly in counter, and the other attacks one of the Kudzu and lightly hurts it. A begins to transform, and then goes to attack the minorly paralyzed Oni, and his blade carves into it solidly. S takes another stab at Taiko, knocks aside the attack and attempts to counter, but SY bodyguard blocks the counter with its grand shield arms, more energy is flowing into Taiko’s weapon. L attempts to use Mind Control on the Aooni that she weakened its defenses, but the Oni shakes it off. H attempts to attack Taiko again, her fist easily evading his defenses and crashing into his flesh. The K trapping the one reaffirms the trap and completely paralyzes it, then attempts to disarm it and pulls the club from its chubby fingers. The other K tries to trap the other Oni that is fighting F, but it breaks free, the attempted disarm also fails. A transforms, and then uses a fatigue point and attacks the fully paralyzed Oni, his savage blade carving heavily into the creature. He then attacks again, sawing heavily into the creatures neck. F fights his Aooni attacking it twice as he ignites his arms, and hits it twice in the flesh, singing its flesh. The Aooni, attempts to attack Fenix, but SY rocky bodyguard defends against the attack. SY continues to charge his banishment. Taiko eyes the arranged people before him. F surprises the Aooni before him, and sends his fists into it twices, the first striking into it solidly and nearly setting the beast ablaze, the second attack drives hard into it and sets the creature Scorching. The Kudzu that has its Oni paralyzed tries to disarm the other Oni, and pulls its kanabou from its arms while the other tries to trap it, but fails the first time so tries again, but it resists again. H attacks Taiko once more, but has it easily knocked aside, and so unleashes his Magnum Powered ultimate fatigue Area Attack on Shadow, Hadiyya, and one of SY rock guards, the blade tears a hole through Shadow’s armour, disintegrates H’s clothing, and nearly breaks off the bodyguard’s arm. L uses Psychic Assault on the unparalyzes Oni and assaults its resistance. S cowers beneath the pain, “You are not the man that I knew, but you sure fight like him,” and falls to one knee. SY continues to prepare his banishment. A attacks the paralyzed Oni twice, his first attack tearing heavily into it, and the second attack taking a solid blow again. Taiko stands his ground. The unarmed Aooni uses its unarmed attacks against F, but the bodyguard takes it for him. A attacks the paralyzed Oni once more, one tearing heavily into the beast, and the second blow tears its right arm away at the shoulder, leaving the fallen monster unconcious upon the demolished ground. H attacks T, but he blocks and counters, carving deeply through her flesh to shower the ground in her blood and stagger her. F charges across the battlefield to attack Taiko, and puts his flaming fist through his right calf to bring the great man face first into the earth, unmoving, and then with his second attack tearing his right arm and sword away from the great man. SY continues to charge his Banishment. L uses Mind Control on the still standing Aooni, and succeeds in grabbing its mind despite the pain it inflicts on her. The Kudzu’s back away from the flaming Oni. Shadow stands up with his Sang Kauw, and surveys the battlefield, and sights. L commands her Aooni to try and remove the other Aooni from existence. They then let the Aooni burn itself to death and just watch it.
• Shadow goes to organize J belongings. They look over the belongings of those around. A digs a big hole for his fallen demon. F takes Taiko’s horns and his blade. A takes the demon helmet, in hopes that S can modify it so that it has eye holes. Lynn keeps the tonkori. Hadiyya changes into a new set of clothes. SY asks what happened to Taiko to put him in the dark lady’s service. L comments on what happened to him in Jormangander’s Tower. S wanders off through the group. F goes over to Jormangander’s body, F grabbed Jormangander’s mask from him so that they could see his face once more. As they are looking around and resting they see the Shinigami Molach and Viarla appear and snag Taiko’s soul before it was swept back away by Tsukiyomi through the black butterflies. They thank them for the acquisition of such a powerful soul. Comments on what rare people such individuals are, and offer them a place to rest in order to recover. L says that that could be appreciated. Looking through his grimoir, SY realizes that these beings are Shinigami, and knows what they are. Informs the others, and suggests that following them would be a bad idea. F agrees and politely turns the Shinigami down. Molach comments on the unfortunatness of that, and that all forms of things could befall them in the hills. F asks if it is a threat. Molach merely looks at Fenix very focusedly and then back. F then asks if there could be something else that they could do in favour of it, such as tell them where Kagutsuchi is within the mountains. Molach “You know that she is sealed away?” F “We are looking for her. It is kind of part of our destiny.” Molach tilts his head “You believe you have destiny you say. Interesting.” Gazes at Fenix again. “I’m afraid that that is far too great a gift for one soul.” F “Then there is nothing else for us to offer you.” Molach “That is unfortunate” The two vanish from sight except for H and S. They report that they are still there
• Molach attacks Shadow and pulls his soul from his body, while Viarla attacks H who dodges. Shadow attacks Molach, who blocks, counters, and absorbs his soul instantly. H shouts “L, use my eyes!” and backs away from Viarla. Viarla then pursues H and puts her fan through her, pulling her soul out from her body. F holds his action and tries to think. L also just stands and waits. Molach charges SY, putting his cloak through him, but his soul remains in his body, and A hears Molach mutter “Impressive.” SY “I’m leaving, if you want to live come with me” and gets picked up by his bird, F ki detects and senses their power, sensing doom, and that it is not hatred but a strange longing that fills them. A says he will leave (two birds), one bird grabs Lynn, two birds grab Valkyrie, and Fenix stays on the ground. A sees that F is staying and tells SY to have the birds put him back down, and starts transforming, Viarla attacks H’s spirit once more, is struck and the fan carves through her soul and is sent reeling. F takes full defense. SY eye reports that Molach wants to attack him, and his cloak passes through SY once more, this time pulling his soul from his body, uses a second attack to seal his soul, and then flies over to L, and attacks her sending its cloak through her body and pulling out her soul. Andrei falls to the ground as he transforms and stands beside F while watching Molach. A holds his action and watches Molach. Molach attacks and seals L soul, then moves down and is attacked by Andrei, blocks and counters to strike A and pulls his soul from his body in a swirl of dark nemesis energy, and the third attack makes Andrei poof away. F glances around and mutters, “I embrace death.” Viarla attacks H, and seals her soul with her fan. The pair of death gods then fall upon F and force him to embrace death, but he does so like its an old friend.
• The group awakens in Molach’s Preta Gati Mansion sleeping chamber. SY “Where are we.” He still has all of his creatures. F opens the door.
• They find themselves in the Arena of Strength. They find Molach and Viarla. Molach greets them. F asks where are we. Molach informs them that they are inside his mansion, separate from the flow, a place where individuals of great power and talent. SY “If you wanted us to come this much, you could have insisted.” Molach “We did insist, and it worked quite well.” F “But we have no desire to stay here.” L “There are things we must do.” Molach “We worked very hard to get you here, and I’m afraid we can’t let you leave just yet. There are needs that we have for your blood and your bodies. Do not worry however, they are safe, for now.” H “I don’t like the sound of that, what are you doing with our bodies.” Molach “Even shinigami need entertainment.” F and H both shudder at the thought. Molach “Normally, Viarla and I do battle with those that reach this room, in order to test their capabilities and see how well they have done. Seeing as we very recently fought you, I expect the conclusion would be mostly the same, therefore you may continue to wander about and enjoy the halls.” With a snap of his fingers a door appeared behind him. S “And if we want to leave?” Molach “Then you may try to find an exit, but nothing leaves here without our permission. As long as you behave yourselves you may stay. Do not try our patience too much now.” L opened the door.
• They find themselves upon the Plain of Storms (84), and SY’s eye sees the next door nearly 700 ft. away. A bolt of lightning falls through the air to crash through Lynn’s shield and strike her for damage. SY summon one of his snakes, and sends it lashing out towards the door at high speed. The second lighting bolt strikes through one of SY’s guardians to hurt them both. The third bolt of lightning struck the ground as F dodged the lightning. SY’s snake then opened the door.
• They find themselves upon the Crystal Prison (48). H “I don’t know if I’ve said this yet, but I don’t care for this place or its company.” F “We need to find leverage.” L “But how?” SY uses his grimoire to realize that this is probably a pocket realm of space bent around itself, in order to banish them wouldn’t work. A and S avoids the sucking crystal, but L, F, S, and the bodyguard, are sucked in up to their ankles, while H is pulled in up to her knees. SY dispels his guardian. They begin heading towards the doors, As they go forward Shadow is sucked in up to his ankles, SY up to his face and only his mouth above as his bird is sucked in. On the next movement most stay in the same height, L is pulled up to her stomach, SY actually goes forwards, and H is sucked in to her shoulders. Andrei opens the door thinking about the arena.
• They find themselves in The Mountain of Eternal Fog (63). SY sends his eye forward, and it comes back and reports about the statue, injured bird, and sliding door. SY “Looks like it should be safe to cross.” F “Should be?” SY “There’s nothing with swords on the other side at least.” All but SY walk across, he is carried by one of his birds. H and Andrei leads. L heads over to the bird, uses Animals to realize that it is almost dead. H Ki Heals it, it gets up and the bird vanish into the mists. They stare after it for a while. Then a moment later they hear the grinding sound as the bird statue spreads its wings like a great proud bird on flame (F is mesmerized). A moment later in a flash of flames a sash appears from its beak which F grabs. H says he shouldn’t have it, since L and she were the ones that helped the bird. F passes the sash to SY asks what is going on? F asks if he could look at a little better. He looks it over, and says that it should do something for anyone depending on what they do. He then tries it on, realizes the whole fly and fire resist effect, says he wouldn’t need it. They pass it around to everyone to see what it would do, and H gets it in the end and puts it on. H opens the door.
• They find themselves in the Mirror of Fate room (16). They eye the general places, and nervously gaze towards the mirror man. As H steps forwards the mirror guardian faces them. H asks what the mirror is. The Mirror Guardian explains that it is the mirror of fate, what it will do, and how they are able to attempt to leave the room. They consider whether they should face it, and then that they should ask how to escape from this place. SY then uses his grimoire to identify what it is, and that they are revered as minor deities in some cultures. They prepare, SY releases his guardians and kudzus and SY and L move over to the door exit.
• The guardian of the mirror unleashes a burst of ki and stands perfectly still. S brings out a chakram and throws it at the mirror guardian, which sends the chakram back at him, but Shadow doges so the weapon just so that the weapon embeds itself into a pole. S “Neat.” SY sends his guardians to flank the creature, and the kudzu move in and try to trap him, but the first sends the vines to attempt to trap the Mirror guardian, who redirects the attack to try and grapple one of the guardians, which resists it. H walks over to the mirror and touches it, nothing happens, so she goes to try and attack the Mirror Guardian, but has it redirected so that one of SY guardian’s has to block the attack for her. L fires off a psychic assault at the Mirror Guardian, which is redirected to Andrei and breaks his face. F then goes to attack the Mirror Guardian, but redirects the flaming attack towards one of SY kudzus, one of his guardians blocks some of it, but he takes damage and the kudzu takes some as well. A walks over and swings with his sword, sends the attack into one of SY’s guardians that is knocked to one knee but unharmed. H yells “Everyone strike it at once!” and waits. S pulls out his bow, restrung, and fires an arrow at the mirror, which absorbs the attack, and then places the arrow nicely before it. S “Interesting, so it doesn’t do anything to mundane weaponry.” The mirror guardian stands and waits for the impending onslaught. F backs up slightly before the super attack begins. The entire group (other then Fenix and Shadow) unleash their super combined uber attack strategy (cough, cough), and has the following happen: A attacks and has the guardian soak up the counter attack, L uses organic psychokinesis and fires it back at Lynn, the kudzus attack and the first is sent to defend against the guardian and evades it, the second attack is also sent towards the same guardian, but it shakes that trap off, H attacks and has it redirected so that one of SY’s guardian’s has to attempt to intercept it and is able to block it, as the kudzu attempt to trap the Mirror Guardian it sends the vines to successfully partially paralyze the guardian, and the second set of vines are also sent towards the guardian but they are able to block. The one kudzu releases the guardian that it had grabbed and attempts to trap the Mirror Guardian, who counters personally but is stopped by the guardian in a ringing of steel and crystal. The Mirror Guardian waits. The group waits until the Shinkyou: Mirror Position wears off. They see that the Mirror Guardian then begins to move again of its own volition. The Mirror Guardian puts one fist into a surprised kudzu. L attempts to use Mind Control, which is rebounded towards Andrei, strikes him, and L successfully dominates A. Shadow fires an arrow at the Mirror Guardian, and the arrow scratches across the perfectly mirrored surface. F charges ki and attacks the Mirror Guardian, striking it but doing no damage. L tells A to act how he wants to, and attacks the Mirror Guardian, sends it back and has the guardian blocked for him. H attacks the Mirror Guardian with her new sash powered fist, but hits it for no damage. The kudzu that can still act attempts to trap the mirror guardian, hitting it but able to slink out from the grasp, the second also hitting and mostly paralyzes. F activates his fire fists, uses fatigue and strikes at the mostly paralyzed mirror guardian, but they both screw up epically, and F hits it for no damage. H attacks the Mirror Guardian and hurts it slightly. Shadow fires another arrow, and this one solidly harms the creature. The kudzu that doesn’t have it trapped tries to trap it better, but sends the trapping at F and has it intercepted by a guardian. Second try and it solidly grapples it, also keeping it mostly immobilized. The kudzu that has it trapped then attempts to fully paralyze it. The Mirror Guardian says “I admit your superiority, you may ask your question.” SY keeps the kudzus trapped while they face the mirror.
• L releases A from the mind control. SY “This is not our question, we will converse first and then ask it.” Mirror Guardian “Certainly.” They converse discussing which options they have to try and get out; F “How to get leverage,” L “How to escape from this place, back to our bodies, and also in the proper year in Varja.” SY “So, which do we want, exit or leverage.” L “I would like to leave.” S “Leave.” H “Leave.” SY “Alright, question being asked. What is the best course of action for us to return to our bodies in Varja?” The surface of the mirror ripples before it responds in SY’s own voice “There are several ways in which you could escape. One would be to get the masters of this mansion to grant you freedom from this place. However, there is nothing that a shinigami does not do anything for free. You could also defeat them in combat, and surpass their powers to banish this realm from existence. The other final option would be to find the exit through the powers of luck and chaos in order to escape.”

Copyright © 2012 by Jeremy Marshall



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