Influence From The Shadows


The Next Step of the Journey

• SY lives atop the mountain temple of Kagutsuchi, in the old guardian’s hut, returning it to its old splendor. He lives out the rest of his days peacefully and quietly, tending to garden and goats, and watching the world below him.
• On December 25, 990, a young baby boy was found upon the steps of the Heaven Order Knights in Archangel. The youth had bright red hair, pants but no shirt, and around his chubby was a golden chain, ending with a ruby carved into the shape of a majestic bird in flight.
• L goes to the Flow of Souls, finds Taiko’s soul, and the two of them may finally spend the time together that they always hoped for.
• H, A, and S travel to Galgados, A departs early in search of his father, wishing each other well for their travel. During his exploration he wears the mask from Jormangander, his pair of Oni horns, and Taiko the Fallen’s Helm, finds his father, asks why he left his mother, to which his father says there were other women more attractive to be ravaged, and so Andrei cuts his head off with his blade. Then becomes known as the Grave Reaper of Galgados.
• H and S find the Hoenheim’s after a month of searching, just before the new year. They inform them what happened. S then goes back to his family in Dalaborn, wife, one son, and a couple of cousins living with them. His son runs towards him, picks him up in a hug and gives him the marionette from Ilmora.
• H returns to Kushistan after delivering the message, meeting with her father once more in the small courtyard of their home, a heartfelt hug knowing that is back once more.
• We close once more upon the spring festival in Helenia. The competitions are much more open this year, as the legendary members that won so many of the contests last year did not return this year. Many were still remembered however; the great dog trainer, the massive man that pursued endless women, the best guard that they had ever seen, the drunkard that still defended the stores there, and no one could really remember who won the archery contest. The only one that seemed to leave a sign of them was the owner of the most complicated games stand in the city, Miriel Gia. People come over to her stand, playing the games and all of the challenges. Above all of the greatest treasures of weapons, armour, gold and gems, there were stuffed animals (Jormangander, Fenix, Taiko, Lynn, BB, Shadow, and Andrei) being the most difficult. Many come over and ask about the Mystery Bag, but she tells most that it is not for them, and then let them do something else. Then a young man came down and asked about what these dolls were so special. Miriel Gia responded by saying that they were known so that they performed unseen. The young man nods, then asks how much for a shot at the Mystery Bag. Miriel Gia looks the young man up and down, smiles, and says 100 GC.

Copyright © 2012 by Jeremy Marshall



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